Thursday, July 20, 2017

Update on Dust Cover for Lulu HC

I realized the text on the new dust cover of my novel at Lulu.com was not large enough. I should have noticed earlier because of wearing progressive bifocal lenses. The book cover was adjusted to improve the type. One of the objectives is to have the lettering so noticeable people can see it from a distance if the book is positioning on display at a book shop.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Another Hard Cover Edition of Waiting for Regina

At the Barnes and Noble online store there is a hard-cover edition of Waiting for Regina in addition to the digital e pub and paperback versions of the novel. That attractive, white trimed B&N hard-cover have the cover design printed on it with no dust cover as you may be viewing in the photo on the left with the little black cellphone. It is on sale for $17.69, the price may increase to $19 due to the increased content from the third revision.
Another hard-cover edition was recently produced at Lulu, this is the one that is having the dust cover. It can be purchasing online for $20.79, if you are a member of Lulu you might get a discount. You may be aware Barnes and Noble offer incentives for their annual members. The Lulu dust jacket with inside flips appears as image below. The front cover inside flip is left partially blank for pending store retailers. It is highly desirable for me to also having a dust cover version on the market, thank you for visiting and happy reading!

Friday, July 7, 2017

It Might Fit In

The hard cover edition of Waiting for Regina is avilable for purchase from Barnes and Noble online book store. It would be a tremendous honor if you request your local library to purchase a copy for you and your fellow patrons. The novel is easy to find on the website and there are usually discounted rates for libraries and other insitutions. Also, your library director can read a sample of the book online.

Monday, July 3, 2017

App To The Times

Comfortable reading: a section
of a quilt inside Sayville Public
Library by an unknown artistian.
Having both the reading apps of Kindle and Nook Press, I learned recently of another difference between the two. People who purchased either the first or second edition of my novel Waiting for Regina can ask Amazon to update their digital copy to the third edition of the publication without cost. What about the Nook version of my book on the same tablet?
It was surprising for me to discover the Nook app automatically updated the novel to the third edition. I did not have to contact a Barnes and Noble's customer representative by phone or online. Although Amazon's current publishing profits and successes are painfully crushing to the B & N's Nook division, nevertheless, the Nook app have that updating advantage over the Kindle reading app. Is this a feature you favor? You may comment below if you wish, thank you.

Islip, New York.

Friday, June 30, 2017

Updated Book Covers

A day for savoring the color of sand.

Below are images of the updated book covers of the 5.5 x 8.5-inch Nook Press US trade paperback ($8.89), 5.5" by 8.5" CreateSpace paperback (8.89), and the five and a half by eight and a half inches Nook Press hardcover (19.00 retail).  The contents of the publications are the same as so the black spine 9" x 6" paperback edition ($9.00)at Lulu's online bookstore. 
To note, the book product page on CreateSpace states the "2nd" edition, however, it is actually the 3rd edition of the novel. The correction would issue forth in near time. 
There is new book preview at CreateSpace, which include engrossing conversations between the characters without a book description. I am anticipating you'll be pleased overall of what they say.

Nook Press Paperback

CreateSpace (Amazon) Paperback

Nookpress Hardcover

Monday, June 26, 2017

The ‘Waiting' Team Returns to iTunes

Mr. and Mrs. Labeau, Kenny, the Andersons, William, Mrs. Hussang, April, and other characters of Waiting for Regina are making an encore at the iTunes store. They are returning after a revision was performed on the 1980's coming of age novel. 

A distant sighting of the 2017 graduating class of Bay Shore High School on Friday, June 23rd. A 1987 graduation ceremony in Waiting for Regina was a major scene of the novel.

As of many other publications listed at the Apple online retailer, there are no reviews of Waiting for Regina. Seems like they don't get them as much as Amazon and Goodreads. You could be the first individual to express your literary evaluation of my book if you wish. 


iTunes offers a free downloadable preview depending if you have the approved Apple device and software. The electronic copies of Waiting for Regina are available at other online stores including Kobo, however, there will be some waiting for the updated printed editions of the novel. There are no reviews yet of my novel at Kobo, the door is opened there also. Please stay tuned.

Friday, June 16, 2017

The Third Edition of Waiting for Regina Released As ePub

The editing and re-editing the novel Waiting for Regina has been completed. However, it is no longer the second edition because there were changes made to avoid any plagiarism, (although it was all unintentional). Also, in honoring the previous reviews of the book, this recent revision excludes every possible grammar and spelling error existing. These were searched out word by word, sentence by sentence, paragraph by paragraph, chapter by chapter. Waiting for Regina is an essential story which should not be tripped up by these faults. 
Some present tense verbs and adverbs were changed to past tense to respect the high standards of American English language. Also, the overall publication was made more concise including the removal of any dangling modifications, incomplete statements, and unnecessary expressions. To add to this, I checked for and subtracted out any politically incorrect statements. For example, the word 'mankind' was exchanged for words as humankind, people, and humanity.  

A bus stop in East Islip, New York
As an enhancement, the vocabulary was increased throughout the publication. Mispha is the narrator; she is known to be a proficient reader who loves books. Of course, she would use some statements uncommon to literary laypersons but are learnable by the public. In the first and second editions, for example, there are scenes when the main character Mispha is looking directly, eye to eye to the person she is addressing. However, since her feelings and relationship toward each vary, she does not look at them the same way while conversing. Whatever it is conscious or sub-conscious, the new edition of the novel reveals such personal distinction with a variation of wording. 
     The updated ePub (ebook) is available now on Barnes and Noble's online store. By Sunday, June 18 the revised Kindle version will be on sale on Amazon. Please feel at ease to read the free book previews online at B&N and Amazon and share the news with others. To help recognize the third edition from the previous one, there is a new chapter in it entitled 'Other Books by the Author.' If you have any questions, please post them here, I will do my best to respond. Currently, there is a limited distribution of the electronic copies of the book with fewer website retailers. The edited print versions are not ready yet; these will by announced shortly.