Thursday, September 14, 2017

Shelf Magazine 7th Anniversity Issue

Here is below the link to Shelf seventh anniversary issue where an advertisement for my book is featuring. Also, you'll learn about other independent authors and their literary works.

Photo by Jackson, Curtis W.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

A Penny Is A Penny…Are You Sure?

A new interview is about my novel Waiting for Regina and personal thoughts about it. In the story, Mispha steadies her nerves to speak the truth even if it reveals her short-comings. Regarding the subject of colorism, I found it necessary to offer an admittance uneasy to express in the interview. You may read about it at this site: Interview with Curtis W. Jackson, the website address is below if the link does not work. I am aware coin collecting could be an enjoyable hobby filled with fascinating history. Could you imagine a penny disliking another penny because it looks dull, untarnished, too dark, too old or young, or too shiny? 

People may conclude, why should a copper colored coin disapprove of another? They are both worth one cent in value. Human beings, each individual, estimate a value higher than a billion copper plated coins. How sad today a man, woman or child disregarding another somebody because he or she is lighter or darker in skin complexion. Both persons are the same homo species in spite of their physical appearances. As we might account, a penny makes more sense than the faulty attitudes of colorism. If an individual finds himself clinging to a worthless-yet popular opinion, what should he do about it before there is resulting damage? 

Thursday, August 17, 2017

An Adjustment Proven Unnecessary by Time

A chapter in my cartoonist’s memoir The Deserting Caricature Artist drew attention to a possible caricature portrait of Angelina Jolie. I was not sure that the famed actress was the subject of the ink brush drawing. But the portrait conveyed something of her likeness to strengthen my assumption.
It was one of those pictures I drew many years ago in practicing the art and building a portfolio. When the book was published the chapter acknowledged Ms. Jolie's marriage to the actor Brad Pitt. In fact, the chapter is named She Could Be The Wife of Brad. The book was published in early-2016 by CreateSpace.
Then news arrived that the famous couple is ending their marriage later that same year in September 2016. Then the thought rushed through my mind. Should I revise the book for that update? Eventually, I felt it is important to leave it 'as is.' Because the focus of the memoir wasn't about the latest gossip or star-tracking celebrities' current lives.
It is this month billions were taken by surprise hearing reports that Pitt and Jolie were discontinuing their divorce proceedings and reuniting their relationship. It is favorable news from a couple resolving their marital woes. What if Angelina and Brad decide to resume their divorce? Well, that's their personal business with their children. What is vital is the book The Deserting  Caricature Artist communicate respect for wedded unions and not celebrate break ups often highlighting in media.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Fiddling Around

Greetings, uncertain of what to post here for the first day of August, it is my wish to share a new video. There is a portrait of a folk country musician in my  book The Deserting  Caricature Artist. Otherwise the video is not relative of my books, it is is called The J Afternoon Violinst.

The above is a You Tube video, many are aware there are video grapes who are raking in tremendous income and viewership with association with the Web site. Almost a decade ago, I was taking part in that arrangement allowing commercial advertising in the videos and on my video channel. Much of income resulted from how many persons watch the videos and click on the ads. 
Although I have a YouTube channel. I am not involved in the arrangements of earning revenue from the videos. Also, I am not endeavoring to get a high count of viewership, my interest is unexisting in these competitive endeavors. It does not matter to how much or how little other YT video producers are earning. The singular reason of posting the video above is to share it with you.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Smashwords Summer Sale Ends July 31st

Some days are remaining till the conclusion of Smashwords season sale, the last 24 hours of it is on July 31st. Of the site wide sale, there are digital books pricing as low as 75% off retail price and many reduced to no cost. My novel Waiting for Regina in epub, Sony, and other format is priced at $5.02 having 25% the retail price. You may wish to check it out before 11:59 pm of the last day of July.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Update on Dust Cover for Lulu HC

I realized the text on the new dust cover of my novel at was not large enough. I should have noticed earlier because of wearing progressive bifocal lenses. The book cover was adjusted to improve the type. One of the objectives is to have the lettering so noticeable people can see it from a distance if the book is positioning on display at a book shop.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Another Hard Cover Edition of Waiting for Regina

At the Barnes and Noble online store there is a hard-cover edition of Waiting for Regina in addition to the digital e pub and paperback versions of the novel. That attractive, white trimed B&N hard-cover have the cover design printed on it with no dust cover as you may be viewing in the photo on the left with the little black cellphone. It is on sale for $17.69, the price may increase to $19 due to the increased content from the third revision.
Another hard-cover edition was recently produced at Lulu, this is the one that is having the dust cover. It can be purchasing online for $20.79, if you are a member of Lulu you might get a discount. You may be aware Barnes and Noble offer incentives for their annual members. The Lulu dust jacket with inside flips appears as image below. The front cover inside flip is left partially blank for pending store retailers. It is highly desirable for me to also having a dust cover version on the market, thank you for visiting and happy reading!