Monday, February 26, 2018

Why Not?

     With a novel containing issues of race and discrimination such as Waiting for Regina. It would be easy for the author to participate in and endorse Black History Month for February in the United States. Waiting for Regina goes a little further than addressing ethnic themes. The drama also directs attention to other types of bias and inequity affecting all races including economic and educational unfairness. 
      Therefore, Waiting for Regina is not primary black for black fiction or for African Americans. The principal family in the novel who are dark-skinned often don't engage in activities in their community which may involve avid supporters of Black History Month, religiously, commercially, and politically. 
      Yet, this same family is not presenting in the novel as another character in the story criticized them as unsociable outsiders in their cold wilderness. Both parents worked secularly. One of them in a flashback scene was reading a storybook in a public library to youngsters, another attended a funeral with some hundreds of persons in attendance. Would it not be genuinely peaceful and practical to regard individuals of every ethnic identity daily, each day of the year? Rather than apportion one month exclusively and annually to a specific race of humanity. 

Buildings in the City of Hue is an apparel design at

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Finally A Finishing Line

An error was committed a couple of months ago, the first edition of my non-fiction book was accidentally re-published from Nook Press Online Editor. My objective was to replace it with a revised version of the book, Curtis on the News: The Unfinished Chronicles, 2008-2013. 
The 2nd edition was completed and ready to launch but the wrong button was pressed. During that time, the error could not be reversed. The Nook Press online editor was not accepting the new manuscript. The Barnes and Noble's division of Nook Press was in the process removing its online editing application. They were replacing it with a renewed manuscript submission system which is introducing this month. 

Finally, it seems like the lid of the dark cavern was opening. Yesterday, the new online arrangement permitted me to replace the first with the second edition of Curtis on the News: The Unfinished Chronicles, 2008-2013. At this time it is only an e-book, 100 pages within a 6MB file size. It is primary sold by Barnes and Noble online Nook store but maybe distributing elsewhere in the future. To read the book, a person would need to download the NookPress reading app available free from B&N.
On the publication's product page visitors can read a free preview of the book which features the introduction. In the introduction chapter, an expression is stated and explained, "a finish line." It is referring to the conclusion of my blogging days as a principal activity. Also, this attitude is pointing to book publishing. It is my wish to lessen significantly publishing endeavors focusing more on productive activities. Beyond the stroke of a pen, life has to resume. Because writing results from living, so do other worthy things.

Friday, December 15, 2017

It Has Been Some Time

My regret of having not posted here since late October. Currently, there are steep hurdles to overcome economically for the basic sustaining living, it has not been easy for me rather the direct opposite. A lot of time is spending in the attempt to jump-start an effective recovery.
That leaves much less time for another writing project. But it is also difficult to engage a new work in awareness the possibility of success in the independent book market, in the publishing industry overall is very dim, hard to see and not clearly evident in forecasting. If I make progress on a book project it will be communicated here.

Monday, October 30, 2017

My Wish to Let Go of It

My expression of gratitude for the support and commendation people have sincerely granted me since I started engaging in book publishing. Also, it has been an honor to finally authored a novel, which basically been a boyhood aspiration, it is not a regret. I wish to officially state my desire and affirmation to withdraw from pursuing a dedicated career as an author. Not speaking and representing any other individuals, writers or publishers, the experience for me, overall in publishing has been unfavorable and costly. In fact, it is at times long-winding embarrassing, stressful, and hurtful in the cold unjust world we are residing. 
As an African-American author, I am often sensing the doors are closed, locked, and sealed long before my arrival. It is tough for me to imagine something lastingly benefitual would come of it. My acknowledgment; supporting oneself and family as an author is realistically difficult requiring more sacrifice than anticipating. If authorship is a noble endeavor, it is unnecessary-unwise anyone should suffer for it. When it gets to that point, it is the course of wisdom to release oneself from it.
I truthfully want to let go of this unhappiness and unrealistic anticipation for success in an unfair, very competitive industry. It is not nearly as un-idealistic, impractical as seeking an acting or professional sporting career but it is as unpromising in my viewpoint. Yes, it's true, I want to give up on it, forsake it respectfully. Such a resolved feeling I honestly feel it isn't due to a lack of courage or willingness to work diligently and efficiently. Such a decision would not dismiss the pleasures of participating in the art of writing. From time to time, I might publish a book whenever time in the future. Nonetheless, it will not be a primary career endeavor and significant pursuit to sustain myself economically by writing and publishing.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

How Do You Spell Empathy With Understanding?

Considering the new apparel designed by me with one of my lesser known cartoons from 1990's, the question on the back of garment may hold attention. In answering, some people might switch the word understanding with neighborly love. Empathy is one of the topics swimming under the plot line and characters' interactions in my novel Waiting for Regina. It is another expression not stated but apparently demonstrated by willing and caring individuals. Those actions narrating in the written language may have lasting value in a world growing ever so cold in its genuine regard for the residents dwelling in it.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Would Cory Wear It?

There is the scene in Central Park, Manhattan of Regina, Mispha, and Professor Douglas having a conversation about evolution and creationism in the novel Waiting for Regina. Truthfully, I do not wish to get involve in the on-going messy debate between the science-minding evolution supporters and the religious endorsers of creationism. It appears that matter won't be resolved anytime soon. 
Rather than going in circles with an aimless debate, it is important to seek the truth. Don't you want to know the absolute knowledge of how we came into existance without religious dogma and questionable or unproven science theories? I believe those facts of life are not far from us.
It may be a matter of having humility and honesty to recognize the evidence before our eyes and inside of us. 
A simple and profound example is the human cell, a microscopic bit so advance it is staggering to comprehend. It is a living wonder containing its own control center (nucleus), factory (ribosome), energy facility (mitochondia), storage (cytoplasm), distribution (golgi), courier service (endoplasmic reticulum), and security system (cell membrane). Is there a part of our body that isn't made from cells including hair and nails, all with specified functions?

If we marvel at man's use of technology how can the cell be dismissed without an superme designer behind it? If you consider; the teachings of evolution have not explained how the cell developed and function as it is now in trillions of varieties.
Also, creationists may expect us to believe that something as advanced as a cell simply 'pop' in existance within 24 hours within a week's period with the snap of God's fingers. Here, it is not doubting God's powers are limitless and instantious. When the beauty of the earth are observing in nature, would creation be a considered a rush job?

Professional designers pre-visualize, generate concepts, get the right materials, and estimate a reasonable time frame producing their products. Design involves more than a snap of the fingers to make it happen. 
It is a thought process that might involve potent emotions, for example, hate when weapons of war are concieved and used. 
Or of love, when a mother is sewing a colorful, picture-filled quilt to cover and warm her offspring. 
Isn't it noteworthy the largest organ of our bodies does more than blanket the muscels, tissue, and bones. Our skin also aids to regulate body tempatures and transmits sensory signals to the brain. Skin can also be appealing in an array of colors and shades of the human race.
Please note another example. Many people might attest their ancestors were deformed hairy cave men, women, and children, or horsemen, neanderthals...whatever you have seen in museum glass encased exhibitions, documentary films, and publications. How many individuals embrace the pride that is how their families began, evolving from apes, monkeys, and chimps? The thought of it is offensive to me. 
Although, people today are physically imperfect, yes, how true with all our illnesses, disablities, and limitations in error-plently lives. Still, the human body is a marvel of awesome design! Professor Douglas noted (in chapter 3, Waiting for Regina) the human eye operates supremely above updated optical inventions. One of scores of reasons reflecting how precious life is to us, to be valuing greater than the finest material processions.
Could we have a masterful artisan designer who exercised his time wisely with care and precision to formulate our species? It is impossible to avoid such questioning. That is the inquiry worth investigating.
In the novel, Mispha and Regina's high school science instructor Samantha was sounding unsupportive of the teachings of evolution calling it a "secular religion" where as influencial persons use it to discrimate against their fellow human residents. A little later in the park scene in New York City, Professor Cory questioned the authencity of both creationsim and evolution. Who could doubt Cory and Samantha would become close associates beyond their university days. Would they, however, wear apparel inspired by the discussions in Waiting for Regina? In answer, you may check out the garments at web link below. Two of examples (front and back of attire) are on this page, happy exploration for you in the truth about us.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Shelf Magazine 7th Anniversity Issue

Here is below the link to Shelf seventh anniversary issue where an advertisement for my book is featuring. Also, you'll learn about other independent authors and their literary works.

Photo by Jackson, Curtis W.