Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 Finishing, 2016 Starting and Moving Forward

Since this blog started in the fall season, 2014 this December 2015 has been the biggest month having nearly 250 visitors. Ten countries were representing in the statistics; the most visitors were from United States, Russia and the United Kingdom. I appreciate even the one individual in Sri Lanka reading the blog articles here about my first book, 57 Pages: A Short Book of Thought-Motivating Cartoons, thank you all. 2015 began painfully with a continued surge of critically slapping reviews. The reviews were very discouraging; I thought it was a conscious act to remove the book from the market permanently. It did happen for short periods during revisions of the manuscript. Instead another book (Curtis on the News: The Unfinished Chronicles, 2008-2013) I authored was deleting from book buyers access before anyone purchase a copy of it.
What is promising is that this year 2015 is concluding with some positive reviews of my first book. The publication critics were encouraging to seeing aspects of 57 Pages that might benefit others. I was stirring to me when certain reviewers noted the e-book is "a wake-up call" of our modern times.  It makes a difference hearing from others and you, unique perspectives from single, varying individuals. It was also active and recovery year in revising the book on a very slim budget and few resources. I received considerable assistance and good advice from others on the manuscript. As for goals and resolutions, these were expressed in previous postings for anytime forward. I am anticipating in producing a follow-up to 57 Pages with better resources and a more comfortable, less restricting budget. The announcement will course be issuing some time advancing in 2016.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Turning Another Page

Unexpected for me is the temporary discontinuation of the sale of the shorter version of 57 Pages on Nook Press. There is a definite reason for this immediate decision because I have found ways to lessen substantially the file storage and maintain the same content as the complete 6th edition of 57 Pages being sold on Amazon/Kindle currently. There would a reduced cost downloading the publication as a result. There would also be an opportunity to add one or two more cartoons I had to keep out to maintain the file storage within limits when 6th edition went on sale on Friday, November 27th this year. The book was also removed from Smash Words and other e-book sellers. If my experimentation works favorably on Nook Press, the adjustment will extend to the Kindle version of 57 Pages. 
What is within range is having a print edition of 57 Pages primarily because individuals like my father would rather turn pages in a handheld book than scroll, whisk about with his fingers on an electronic tablet screen. A device could lose its battery charge, yet a human mind does not necessarily have to drain out. During a metro area black out a book reader can make use of a candle. Or he could rely on his oil lamp to illuminate a source of knowledge in an endarkening world. I am also considering having 57 Pages translated into a few languages. That goal would require a lot of work and time carefully used, and I would be relying on the abilities of expert translators. I look forward to letting you know what would transpire on these endeavors, thank you for visiting.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Left Out

The revision of 57 Pages appears much to emerge into a different publication from the third edition of the book released in late 2014. In the negative reviews of the book, there were no specified examples provided of what cartoons were disliking the most. I made assumptions in pondering what might result in the new 6th edition. Among the cartoons removed were any focusing directly on homosexuality and gay marriages. The reasons for the decision have little to do with the messy political and sociological battles involving the extension of civil rights of homosexuals. It is not my wish to be participating in that fight on either side. 

After hours spent preparing the cartoon above of the auto racers I had to exclude the picture because it taken up too much file storage and seems unrelated to the overall content of 57 Pages.

The concern is the presence of those cartoons would draw attention away from themes more important than what is going on with same-sex issue globally. In the revision, there is a cartoon featuring a gay couple, yet the primary subject matter of it addresses both heterosexual and homosexual partners in a committed relationship. The book conveys how important truth and trustworthiness in various situations of human society.

Many persons dislike graffiti in their local areas. I learned few were able to remedy it or lessen the damages of this irritating costly problem affecting public and private properties. We too realize graffiti vandals continue to resurface in secrecy like bedbugs in the darkness, it is not an easy crime to combat and overcome. Besides legalized or commissioned graffiti is emerging as a modern art form. So it was a simple option to delete the unfunny cartoon about a graffiti vandal facing exposure of his spray painting violation.

Similar reasoning was applying towards another cartoon about a prescription drug overdose; it was removed from the book because it too seemed to subtract from the overall scope of the publication. Most of the cartoons in 57 Pages have a connection of theme with another humorous picture in the book strengthening the publication's consistency. A new attempt at the revision was having a cartoon enhance the meaning another cartoon before or after it.
For example, In 57 Pages are drawings reflecting the insensitivity of human society. Before those cartoons is one using the coldness of the winter season as an illustration of a community disinterest in fallen and forgotten famed persons. The following pictures point to an individual's lack of regard rather than of a population's numbness of fellow feelings. Of course, I also excluded cartoons that after much thought had been short on quality, my goal was having the book worth more than the purchasing price. It was an objective in addition to helping the reader gain a new experience reading the book. My realization now I did not have to put forth much effort in that goal.

This cartoon of two church officials I felt should not be in the book because there were one too many cartoons about religion already in the publication. More so 57 Pages drew the attention of the failures of universal religion, it is important not to target so much on the global Catholic institution. Although the esteemed domination is a major, prime time contributor, it is only part of a greater abomination against man's desire of having spiritual assistance and resolution.

When I first drew the cartoons for Curtis on the News blog site, it was one by one, one at a time on separate dates of blog postings. After reading my download of 57 Page sixth edition, I felt some degree of impact on the collection of cartoons, one strong theme after another. It is still poignant taking note of a picture of a man coping in the loyalty of his wife's cancer and then considering other cartoons in the book of people eluding their mates, families for lame, superficial or ill-advised excuses. Then there are bright moments of characters bonding instead of separating, in that manner 57 Pages may be circling into a completeness not leaving the reader empty handed. The conclusion of the book indicated that no section or chapter in 57 Pages adequately addresses each theme or subject matter. This realization is on proving ground of the book of having references listed in it. Of the 6th edition, it is now more challenging for people to state they cannot understand the cartoons as book critics claimed in their negative reviews. Because too, there are author's explanations of the pictures included in the book. The promising news it is also more possible for people to discuss the subject matters of the chapters in 57 Pages. What they talk about future wise won't necessary need to be left out.

Cartoons focusing on same-sex relationships and civil rights were left out of the sixth edition of 57 Pages.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Updating Is More Than A Possibility

Before the sixth edition of 57 Pages was released on Friday, November 27th there was an announcement that it would be released the same month with a price rise. The longer edition on Amazon is a dollar more and the Nook shorter version is 88 cents jump from the 5th edition still on sale on Smash Words. Some people do not have to spend either eighty-eight pennies or a buck (not a deer or leaping stag) increase. If they still have the third, fourth or fifth edition of 57 Pages purchased from Amazon-Kindle books. On Friday evening, December 4th I tried it again with assistance from an Amazon customer service consultant.

One of their friendly representatives from the online chat fulfilled the update request, she switched out my copy of 57 Pages 5th edition for the 6th edition. It took less than ten minutes for the electronic transaction to be fulfilled through my Kindle app. The transition occurred in two of my devices having the Kindle book app. This year earlier through an Amazon customer representative on the telephone line I had the fourth edition of 57 Pages switched out for the fifth edition. If you received 57 Pages free from Amazon during a campaign or as a gift you can still have that prior version updated to the sixth edition. Two requirements; you need to have the Kindle app and be willing to contact Amazon customer service. Why not give it a try?

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Two Versions of the 6th Edition of 57 Pages

If you visited Nook Press last Friday to see the product page of the revised edition of 57 Pages: A Short Collection of Thought-Motivating Cartoons you will notice a change today. It is the same e-book yes, but it is a shorter version of 100 pages on Nook Press with a reduced price from $2.99 to $2.79 USA price. The book cover of the shorter 6th edition is right here below this paragraph with the shark fin.
Why the shark? The creature makes a presence in one of the cartoons. The file download of the shorter version is a little less than 18mg. You visit other online book sites like Smash Words. You  still find the 5th edition on sale for a penny or two less than two dollars in price. I was unsuccessful submitting either the short or longer six edition version on those sites. At least for the time being people could make comparisons between the fifth and six editions and note the changes.

The longer, 108-page version is only on Amazon Kindle book site. It has a file size of a little over 23mg. The price is $2.99; there are a few more cartoons with additional written content and references. The book previews of each version on the product pages are up to date, if you have not done so please visit the sites and note the samples of the 6th edition. The book cover below this paragraph of the starry night is for the expanded edition.

It is a confident anticipation that the grammar, spelling and any syntax errors of the previous editions would not be an issue for the sixth edition. For both versions, there has been a lot of editing and re-editing of the total content. As a writer, I took a few liberties breaking the rules. For example, saying little old ladies is the correct expression grammar wise. In the book a character in 57 Pages said, "little old girls" which is grammatically incorrect. I wanted the cartoon character to say that faulty phase because it reflects her attitude of her older associates. In another section of the book, I left in the erroneous 'get it done with' because it sounded right in conveying a "give it to me", careless disposition of human society. If you consider that many musicians and screenplay writers quickly get away with incorporating incorrect grammar and slang expressions in their song lyrics and dialogue. Then it is a possibility I may be given a pardon from these linguistic violations. We'll have to see what happens; I look forward to you enjoying either version of 57 Pages.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Six Edition of 57 Pages Released On Nook Press

On Nook Press the new edition of 57 Pages: A Short  Collection of Thought-Motivating Cartoons been released on this site:;jsessionid=F77956C0592D355D2BAADD889AFFBA72.prodny_store01-va18?ean=2940150510562
At the moment, the book preview of the 5th edition is still present. What will be replacing it is the six edition. The e-publication will soon be available on Amazon-Kindle and iTunes books. The price on Nook Press is 2.99; there is added content.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

A Line Retread

Currently under major revision my current book, 57 Pages: A Short Collection of Thought-Motivating Cartoons addresses the subject of death in some perspectives. Without presenting the cartoons here on this posting, it is my wish to share with you in what ways these morbidly themed gag pictures may soon to be read by you in the upcoming edition of 57 Pages. 

There are humorous drawings conveying people remembering their deceased loved ones. In other cartoons death is reflected as an anticipated outcome being discouraged and avoided. Among the discussions of the cartoons is attention to what happens (physically and consciously) to our cherished ones, that is after he or she buried underground. The answers are not given in the book because these are cartoons, not lectures of what to believe or accept about the dead and those confronting death. Nonetheless, the door remains open for persons searching for real answers to learn the actual condition and hope of those decreased. It appears in one cartoon that an individual living a limited and unhappy life decided to keep living when he might have freely selected to expire. 

Not only the cartoons people will be talking to you from the e-book. The upcoming edition of 57 Pages: A Short Collection of Thought-Motivating Motivating Cartoons will have increased the content of added explanations, statements and references. The 6th edition of 57 Pages may possibly be released between late October and mid-November of 2015. The photos here in this posting are of a memorial for local September 11th victims murdered by terrorists in 2001. The park of the memorial is located on Main Street, Huntington, NewYork.

More Than 12 Basketfuls of Leftovers?

New Study Says Vegetarians Save $750 a Year

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Letting Go

It has been some while since posting an article on this site from early August 2015. It has been a much longer time since my second book, Curtis on the News: The Unfinished Chronicles, 2008-2013 was first published in May 2015, nearly six months. It obtained no book reviews. There was not a single sale. Not a particular person inquired to me about this book or asked me "what sort of literature is it? What is your book about, what is its purpose of being published in the first place?" Yes, around the block there was zero attention for it, which I am aware of this e-book. Nonetheless, those were not the reasons I felt it was imperative to remove this electronic publication from off from Amazon-Kindle and Nook Press e-book shops online.
One reason I sensed this book is unfair to the general populace. It includes my viewpoints and commentary on news items and global issues from 2008 to 2013. The chapters have contents in them that I am apprehending reflected negatory opinions of persons and their modes of life. Even as a person is aging, this man or woman could alter or correct their outlook on matters. They may regret what was said or written by them years past.
In the passage of time, a person may have attained a greater awareness of significant matters. He or she may yearn to change his or her attitudes. Curtis on the News: The Unfinished Chronicles have stated opinions of mines I now need to withdraw, including those emitting a gloomy cloud on other human beings and associations. Therefore keeping the book on sale would be unethical to me too. I want to maintain a greater unbiased position on many issues affecting humanity. Therefore, it is good news to me that no copies were being sold.
Also keeping the book on sale may prove to be a latter hindrance to positive goals my wish to proceed on. The year between 2008 and 2013 was a hard period of economic difficulties for me. Right, lessons are being learned, yet many of us want to let go of disheartening matters and move on progressively. As an individual, there is a need to discard any discouraging reminders of undesired obstacles and human deficiencies of past years. Because Curtis on the News: The Unfinished Chronicles, 2008-2013 was also a memoir then taking it off sale was also a process of discarding those reminders.
What about the book of cartoons, that is 57 Pages? The cartoons, many of them, were based on the blog articles featured in Curtis on the News. I do remember when drawing the humorous situations I wanted to set a separate perspective than what was being addressed in the blog postings. The cartoons can exist on their own without the blog commentaries enabling them to be published as a collection in an e-book. I find numerous cartoons are more inspiring, enlightening and peremptory than what I wrote in Curtis on the News. In the forthcoming revision of 57 Pages, I further was equipped to correct and edit the gag lines. Those are among the incentives of keeping 57 Pages on sale and continuing with that book series. Thank you for reading this blog posting, I look forward to updating you on the changes of 57 Pages.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Until September

Until September is the name of a romantic, historical novel set in the old west and also of an R-rated film about the romantic infidelity of a married French man and an American woman, tour guide. Aside from those irrelevant items the expression until September is the circumstance I am facing. My wish to release this July 2015 a new edition of 57 Pages: A Short Book of Thought-Motivating Cartoons with the explanations of each cartoon.
It appears I will come upon the necessary resources to complete a more desirable edition of the book. So it seems sensible to involved more time, preparation and effort to produce a worthwhile revision that is pleasing to the public. It might be until September or until October the revised book will be released. People have to wait until then for the fall season harvest. That process of time and natural production can be appreciated. I did not read the book, seen the movie entitled Until September.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

A Matter of Taste

Could you imagine the tide of human change sending an individual sweet sailing on a blissful day of blue skies, puffy, white clouds, and bright sunshine? While another person is drowning in a dark cloudy, raging sea storm. The legalization nationwide in the United States of same-sex marriage is a dramatic storm of social change. A strengthening number see this change as a bright sunny advancement of civil rights justice.
Others could sense the storm clouds moving in, darkening as evidence of humanity's downward spiral from morality. The traditional family of a man, his wife, his children and the grandparents, of course, appear to be losing their lasting clout in the basic unit of human society. No doubt many are happy about the recent, majority Supreme Court decision favoring homosexual marriages. "Love is love" supporters proclaim while waving multicolored, rainbow flags and banners in public demonstrations. Or some may remark, "some people are gay, get over it!" It is an unkind statement because many of us non-embracing of legalized, same-sex unions have been realizing this obvious fact. We have been respecting with tolerance people's option to practice homosexuality in their lives. Personally I feel it is unjust-inhuman to bully, defraud or mistreat people because of their choice of sexuality.

It seems apparent that advocates of homosexuality want much more than our respectful tolerance. They want much more than establishing full, civil rights for same-sex couples and families. Do they not strive in removing any trace of disgrace, shame or guilt of practicing homosexuality? Do they not relish for the complete nullification of any, seeming abnormality? For an example of a man bedding a man (or boy) as a woman. Or two, women partners parenting a trove of children in their busy household? Do they lust for the elimination of any reasoning question, any doubts or basic, biological facts that their choice of sexuality is not realistic, is unacceptable? Is it not true nowadays people are afraid to acknowledge their own, internal sense of right and wrong - because of the widespread acceptance of homosexuality?
Maybe I am one of those who would experience that great tide of human change sweeping over and drowning him. Might I merit this outcome after featuring anti-homosexual cartoons on my now-deleted, blog sites? And was it due to me after writing non-supportively of homosexual practices in my current book, Curtis on the News: The Unfinished Chronicles, 2008-2013?  How about the so-called karma heading my way after publishing two, anti-homosexual cartoons in the book, 57 Pages: A Short Book of Thought-Motivating Cartoons? All this appears to ask for trouble because it is not good to openly communicate that same-sex fornication is wrong, right?

A massive, ocean tide that flushes out onto the beach could recede into the large body of water. How do we know? We learn this process is a part of our understanding of gravity, of the sea currents, the wind force, of the nature of water. No one has ever been successful in keeping the tides from going back from where they came. There are absolute truths of humanity that are impossible to hold back or vanquish from our sight.
To humankind the real consequences of homosexuality could be experienced favorably or unfavorably, it depends on the person. How adversely like an unsafe driver who prized the privileges of operating a vehicle, but dislike the limiting, traffic restrictions. Whereas the other driver appreciates the traffic regulations for his safety and others and is still able to enjoy driving. There is our real choice whatever to endorse same-sex unions or not to support it. My writings and cartoons are in acknowledgment of the facts a man can choose to open his eyes to, but will find that impossibility to shut his sight away. Because there is an acknowledgment of having freedom. It is the price of accountability.

A man and woman who willingly enter a martial arrangement are aware of their obligations. Otherwise, they would not make those audible vows before the eyes of family and friends as witnesses. The couple would not sign a marriage license before those same persons. With happiness, they accept their roles of accountability. Isn't it exactly the same with homosexual couples, because 'love is love'?
No question gay couples might have an intense love for each other and do many good acts for one another. Such individuals may be knowledgeable, be outstanding pet owners and highly skillful in their secular work. They may be the very best of supportive friends and are capable of raising children. What affects all these good abilities, traits or qualities, is it your education or your background? My viewpoint is something significant we all can have regardless of who we are or where we originated. Is it love that could affect all we do? Love is a word that has been overused and being applied to most anything. Therefore, what is your definition of true love?

We know it is a powerful emotion that could help us accomplish good for ourselves and others. Remember the pie-making lady from a previous posting here? People may say she made her fruit and custard pies with love. You would taste the difference from someone who made same uncaringly, or with hate. Why?  Because not only has she use the best ingredients available to her. She also gave her careful time in preparation and following ground rules in cooking. With that understanding should there not be vital guidelines in exercising true love? Should not this potent emotion support sensible principals? How true we need common sense in our love for others.
For that reason, my viewpoint is that the quality of love in a heterosexual marriage is not the same for homosexual marriages. In a same-sex union, there are serious violations greater than of a man and woman arguing and throwing things at one another. Those violations are against their existences as male and female genders. Because men and women by nature are different from each other physically yes, but also psychologically and chemically inside and out. These variations even include our sweat glands and how our brains function. The same-sex marriage is biologically not a good recipe regardless of the strong passions involved.

True it is people chose to marry their same gender regardless, and many do support them. They know deep within themselves as others witness them, realizing from their living as females and males. That these arrangements are unnatural. How could true love be reasonably sustained if you break the law against yourself as a man or as a woman? The backing and praises from others does not erase those clear-cut establishments of human nature. That mass agreement is the high wave receding into the sea of reality. Therefore, I felt inclined to include those cartoons about homosexuality in my book, with viewpoints that might not be expressed elsewhere. And I wrote about the problems of homosexuality in another book, as was done for other social ailments resulting from law-breaking and the ignoring of vital principals.

Vandalism being noticed at a Brentwood, New York bus stop, it is an indication of lawbreaking and disregard for both local administrations and fellow citizens. The advancement of civil rights for practices of homosexuality would accomplish little promoting respect for law and order in human society. How could new legislation fostering immorality in communities help to maintain acceptable standards of decency and morality among their citizens? 

Here is another matter, would not those cartoons and writings be unnecessary because people are born gay or are unable to change their sexual orientation? How unreasonable to ask any parent if their reproduction organs were designed and programmed to produce gay children. Real heterosexual parents have loved and accepted their children who chosen to practice homosexuality. Those grown-ups from the start never planned willfully to beget homosexual infants. Most likely they had different, future aspirations for their girls and boys according to their sexes. If people believe in God, there is no excuse to blame him more so. Medical scientists discovered faulted, human genes, hereditary diseases, militant cancers-but never homosexual genes in our DNA coding.

There are, however, very powerful psychological, emotional and sociological factors that affected people's sexual identities. How unjust a boy or girl was sexually assaulted by same gender adults. Or youths might be impacted by their parents' shady behaviors and embarrassing treatment of them. Maybe it was a guy or girl's life-long, bad experiences with the opposite sex. There are numerous, unwanted occurrences a person may have chosen not to be influencing their lives. Is any of these social elements sound reasons to remain unchanged as practicing homosexuals? If you say yes, reconsider please what you are believing or not believing.
There are countless, real-life accounts of people restoring their lives positively after painful childhoods, horrible tragedies and after experiencing severe injustices. So if a person could overcome their slavery to drug abuse, alcoholism, smoking or otherwise. Could not anyone win over the adamant temptations of homosexuality. In fact, some might have found it easier to resist same-sex practices than to live as gay persons. Many proven this, for some it might have been that resistance after becoming sick. After a period of recovery, they chose to resume homosexuality. When they had the option to adapt to a heterosexual life. Is it a genetic or sociological impossibility, or is it a person's decision that keeps an individual active in homosexuality?

If it is a choice, then this is good news for someone desiring a way out. The way out does not have to be unreasonable like going to some evangelical, brain detox-boot camp. There would be that daily struggle to resist of course. Nonetheless, the wrong temptations might immensely lessen when a person wisely steers clear from the wrong associates and wrongful environments, entertainment, media, and all else endorsing homosexuality. Also a sincere individual fighting homosexual urges may choose healthful environments, companions, reading materials and whatever else that will help him, or her maintain their resolve. Our choices would affect how we live day to day.
To recap a little of what was being discussed here we know legalized, homosexual marriages is the law of the land in the US and other nations. A massive, climbing number of persons including some political and church leaders support it. But it is what it is. We don't have to guess much that millions want to continue practicing homosexuality, bisexuality, and transsexualism. It is their life's option along with the pleasures and consequences with it. They should not be mistreated or abused for their choice of sexual orientation.
We can reasonably assume there may be some individuals who could successfully choose to discontinue homosexuality. They should not be mistreated or discouraged from living that decision according to the laws of human nature instilled in us since our embryo stage of life. Therefore my writings and cartoons non-supportive of homosexuality could not be out-date or currently be found unnecessary. Because that sweeping tide of worldly acceptance will not overcome every person. It will never drown out what have been existing in every man and woman, and in every family and any generation.

Friday, July 10, 2015

What Is In A Title May Be In Your Dirt

An unknown author wrote a novella about a widowed, childless man redesigning and restoring his storm damaged backyard into a wonderfully landscaped, mini-park. He begins to do the work by himself.  Later as the story goes on his once complaining, doubtful neighbors join in to assist him. Some more people from the local community lent a hand to the project, donating food and supplies to the workers. From the beginning, it is a filthy and messy job for this one man on his own. Because for him there was a lot of mud, dirt, rock and dust to dig, remove and redistribute in that medium-sized backyard. Therefore, the novice woman author decides to title her book 'Dirt.' In a critical review of the author's first-time novella, a book critic complained about the title. "I know there is a lot of dirt in the story. The characters talk about it. But why call the book 'Dirt'? Dirt is dirt, what is the meaning of it?! It is a lame title for a boring book. I am better off watching for hours my neighbor dig up his back yard than reading this nonsense. It is a waste of time, don't bother!" Other critics easily agreed in panning the short book for the same-like reasons. It seems to be a major issue with the first book critic-that bland, unambitious title. Does it matter to you as a reader?
Against the critic's disapproval a child's parents purchased the novel and read it with their son. Because the youth delightfully shares in gardening with his mother. They recalled when their son was younger he loved playing in the mud with toy bulldozers and construction loader trucks. Was the 'awful' book a loss of their money of the price of $5.99 plus sales tax? The child sent a letter to the book critic. "You have a lot of trouble with the title. I can help you with that mister. I know why it is called Dirt", the 9-year old explains in his letter. "It is because 72 percent of the book is about dirt." The boy continues in his letter. "You missed the part when the old man found an unusual jewelry belonging to his late wife in the dirt. And how it helped him be closer to his neighbors. Some of them also knew his wife. It was a thrill to read how the old man got up in the middle of the night and yelled, 'I am the dirt's menace. I will get control of my yard!' The pie-making lady told the old man that 'dirt can be our friend too, it gives us good things to eat.' The writer did not give the man a name, but she made him so real to us! I almost see him sitting next to me writing this letter to you. He sits tired from his hard work, having his favorite ginger tea and poppy seed crackers. But I feel him watching me, he waits to give me advice like my grandpa." 

"The story is very moving; it made my mother cry. I told my older sister what the old man said to make her feel better." The boy's letter was much longer than the critic's capsule review of the book named Dirt. "A week later " he relates, "we all heard my sister say out loud in her bedroom, 'I am my cancer menace! I will get control of my life!' For the first time, I saw my dad cried since my grandma died. He told me real men can cry because Jesus did. So I cried with him, he hugged me and then my sister and my mom. We all cried together. This moment looked so silly of us. But I felt really good. My father said the old man reminded him of my grandfather. I think they are two different, old men. My grandfather lost my grandmother two years ago. I miss her so much. My grandfather lives by himself and always argues dad and uncle Ralph that he can take care of himself. But he needs friends just like the old man in the story to help him be happy. I remember now what the ebony black man said to the old man, 'why do you keep me from helping you? We are brothers of different colors and ethnicity, we who descended from Noah, from Adam, who was being formed out of the dirt you are wrestling with.' I am glad the old man listened to the African immigrant neighbor."

The boy did not stop writing yet. "We were surprised that the old man did not marry the pie-making lady. She was a sweet woman like my Aunt Ollie. My mom said they should have fallen in love because the old man is lonely. We sent the book to my grand father as a gift." The boy then asks the book critic, "so why did you hate this book? Why did you tell us not to read it?" The boy's mother wisely advised him to use good manners in writing letters and not to expect an answer from the book critic. Was there more to the story than dirt the boy saw and the critic did not? My realization there are errors in my book 57 Pages which should be re-addressed and corrected. The obligation is on me as much as a mechanic should without cost repair the mechanical faults he unintentionally caused in his customer's car. My viewpoint is that the title is not one of those problems a book critic recently found himself contending. The following is an except from his review dated June 19, 2015, it is the book' product page:

"There was zero humor. There were numerous grammatical errors. In fact, I have no idea why it was even called "57 Pages"! Yes, there were 57 "chapters", some of which had 1 cartoon, some of which had several, but within the chapters there was no continuity between the cartoons, either aesthetically, topically, or otherwise. Nothing made sense at all."

The critic spoke truthfully in saying there are unrelated cartoons in the sections. The book did indicate each drawing gives attention to a varying theme or subject matter. The book did not specify there would be stories within the chapters. Also the book never conveyed on the cover, the book's product page and introduction section it would address a primary subject in the sections. 
The sections are numbered to 57, yet are not titled like television series' episodes. For example, I felt it was wise to separate the two cartoons about suicide, rather than place them in the same chapter. Why? Because each of those cartoons has a varying theme on suicide, having different angles of viewpoints with various, cartoon people. In between, before and after these line drawings about suicide are other, non-suicide themed cartoons that help us to appreciate the gift of life. 
My other book, Curtis on the News: The Unfinished Chronicles, 2008-2013 (Book One) have both numbered and titled chapters. That book's introduction explains book's title using 'unfinished chronicles'. Yet the two books are listed in different genres. Let us consider this specification some more. The reviewer did complained about the title of the book having 57 sections or chapters. The title he read also include 'a collection of' cartoons. With a collection of humor drawings on various themes there is no obligation to have a central theme, a complete story or include principal characters. 

The book genre is also of art in cartooning and comic books, good or wrong you may find it. Nook Press and Amazon have the book listed as fiction because the cartoons are not documentary or based on actual accounts. Amazon and Nook Press also list the book as a graphic novel because in two, separate chapters there is comic book-like panels showing the same, cartoon people. In one section of a doctor and his client, there is a trace of continuity as the two, same characters interact in different scenes. In the current edition of 57 Pages, there are no more than three cartoons in one chapter, not 'several' as the reviewer claimed.
The book critic also stated there was no continuity topically. This assertion is obviously not true just from the previous reference to suicide. The purposeful, end-of-life choice is not old news either. Because these self caused deaths have increased in Japan and the United States at alarming rates. According to US and World Reports journal, the US suicide rate has leaped to 2.4% since 2012, the highest in 25 years. 57 Pages have also touched on other, current subject matters as noted on the book's product page.
For the book critic to prove his point he needed to explain how or why 57 Pages does not relate to current conditions in the world. The book critic does not provide any explanation why as he stated, "within the chapters there was no continuity between the cartoons, either aesthetically, topically, or otherwise." In fact, the critic does not describe a single drawing or give his readers a unique quote from the book to support his one-star review. His readers are unable to grasp his argument why the cartoons are not "aesthetically" related. Why?
Because the critic held back giving a description or example from the book, perhaps assuming that everyone reading his review will instantaneously accept his statements. What an weak approach of book reviewing because writers still desire to improve their craft. They may be humble and willing enough to listen to critical reviews of their books and re-evaluate their work for the better. Readers may wish to learn from book reviewers what are examples and aspects of good and bad literature.

The answer could be basic, but it is truthful. There are 57 sections or chapters. So it is named 57 Pages. It is as simple as pie, almost a no brainer without having to 'fall off a log' in comprehension. In the conclusion I did explained a little more about the title, referring the number 57 to a travel route. Somewhere on route 57 or route 13 something could happen that might impact the drivers. Likewise there may be something within the 57 sections that might affect the readers. I am not saying the choice of the title is non-essential. Yet a book title is not required to be mind-boggling, thought provoking or significantly earth-shattering. A author has the freedom to employ a generalized title like 'The 39 Steps', '12 Angry Men' or like...the book named Dirt, if it relates to the overall book content. Many may agree it is what is inside the book that matters more. Since the book critic found little to understand about 57 Pages. Maybe it will be another 9-year child who sees it differently. Or it may be you (or someone else) who realizes there could be life in a handful of dirt.