Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 Finishing, 2016 Starting and Moving Forward

Since this blog started in the fall season, 2014 this December 2015 has been the biggest month having nearly 250 visitors. Ten countries were representing in the statistics; the most visitors were from United States, Russia and the United Kingdom. I appreciate even the one individual in Sri Lanka reading the blog articles here about my first book, 57 Pages: A Short Book of Thought-Motivating Cartoons, thank you all. 2015 began painfully with a continued surge of critically slapping reviews. The reviews were very discouraging; I thought it was a conscious act to remove the book from the market permanently. It did happen for short periods during revisions of the manuscript. Instead another book (Curtis on the News: The Unfinished Chronicles, 2008-2013) I authored was deleting from book buyers access before anyone purchase a copy of it.
What is promising is that this year 2015 is concluding with some positive reviews of my first book. The publication critics were encouraging to seeing aspects of 57 Pages that might benefit others. I was stirring to me when certain reviewers noted the e-book is "a wake-up call" of our modern times.  It makes a difference hearing from others and you, unique perspectives from single, varying individuals. It was also active and recovery year in revising the book on a very slim budget and few resources. I received considerable assistance and good advice from others on the manuscript. As for goals and resolutions, these were expressed in previous postings for anytime forward. I am anticipating in producing a follow-up to 57 Pages with better resources and a more comfortable, less restricting budget. The announcement will course be issuing some time advancing in 2016.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Turning Another Page

Unexpected for me is the temporary discontinuation of the sale of the shorter version of 57 Pages on Nook Press. There is a definite reason for this immediate decision because I have found ways to lessen substantially the file storage and maintain the same content as the complete 6th edition of 57 Pages being sold on Amazon/Kindle currently. There would a reduced cost downloading the publication as a result. There would also be an opportunity to add one or two more cartoons I had to keep out to maintain the file storage within limits when 6th edition went on sale on Friday, November 27th this year. The book was also removed from Smash Words and other e-book sellers. If my experimentation works favorably on Nook Press, the adjustment will extend to the Kindle version of 57 Pages. 
What is within range is having a print edition of 57 Pages primarily because individuals like my father would rather turn pages in a handheld book than scroll, whisk about with his fingers on an electronic tablet screen. A device could lose its battery charge, yet a human mind does not necessarily have to drain out. During a metro area black out a book reader can make use of a candle. Or he could rely on his oil lamp to illuminate a source of knowledge in an endarkening world. I am also considering having 57 Pages translated into a few languages. That goal would require a lot of work and time carefully used, and I would be relying on the abilities of expert translators. I look forward to letting you know what would transpire on these endeavors, thank you for visiting.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Left Out

The revision of 57 Pages appears much to emerge into a different publication from the third edition of the book released in late 2014. In the negative reviews of the book, there were no specified examples provided of what cartoons were disliking the most. I made assumptions in pondering what might result in the new 6th edition. Among the cartoons removed were any focusing directly on homosexuality and gay marriages. The reasons for the decision have little to do with the messy political and sociological battles involving the extension of civil rights of homosexuals. It is not my wish to be participating in that fight on either side. 

After hours spent preparing the cartoon above of the auto racers I had to exclude the picture because it taken up too much file storage and seems unrelated to the overall content of 57 Pages.

The concern is the presence of those cartoons would draw attention away from themes more important than what is going on with same-sex issue globally. In the revision, there is a cartoon featuring a gay couple, yet the primary subject matter of it addresses both heterosexual and homosexual partners in a committed relationship. The book conveys how important truth and trustworthiness in various situations of human society.

Many persons dislike graffiti in their local areas. I learned few were able to remedy it or lessen the damages of this irritating costly problem affecting public and private properties. We too realize graffiti vandals continue to resurface in secrecy like bedbugs in the darkness, it is not an easy crime to combat and overcome. Besides legalized or commissioned graffiti is emerging as a modern art form. So it was a simple option to delete the unfunny cartoon about a graffiti vandal facing exposure of his spray painting violation.

Similar reasoning was applying towards another cartoon about a prescription drug overdose; it was removed from the book because it too seemed to subtract from the overall scope of the publication. Most of the cartoons in 57 Pages have a connection of theme with another humorous picture in the book strengthening the publication's consistency. A new attempt at the revision was having a cartoon enhance the meaning another cartoon before or after it.
For example, In 57 Pages are drawings reflecting the insensitivity of human society. Before those cartoons is one using the coldness of the winter season as an illustration of a community disinterest in fallen and forgotten famed persons. The following pictures point to an individual's lack of regard rather than of a population's numbness of fellow feelings. Of course, I also excluded cartoons that after much thought had been short on quality, my goal was having the book worth more than the purchasing price. It was an objective in addition to helping the reader gain a new experience reading the book. My realization now I did not have to put forth much effort in that goal.

This cartoon of two church officials I felt should not be in the book because there were one too many cartoons about religion already in the publication. More so 57 Pages drew the attention of the failures of universal religion, it is important not to target so much on the global Catholic institution. Although the esteemed domination is a major, prime time contributor, it is only part of a greater abomination against man's desire of having spiritual assistance and resolution.

When I first drew the cartoons for Curtis on the News blog site, it was one by one, one at a time on separate dates of blog postings. After reading my download of 57 Page sixth edition, I felt some degree of impact on the collection of cartoons, one strong theme after another. It is still poignant taking note of a picture of a man coping in the loyalty of his wife's cancer and then considering other cartoons in the book of people eluding their mates, families for lame, superficial or ill-advised excuses. Then there are bright moments of characters bonding instead of separating, in that manner 57 Pages may be circling into a completeness not leaving the reader empty handed. The conclusion of the book indicated that no section or chapter in 57 Pages adequately addresses each theme or subject matter. This realization is on proving ground of the book of having references listed in it. Of the 6th edition, it is now more challenging for people to state they cannot understand the cartoons as book critics claimed in their negative reviews. Because too, there are author's explanations of the pictures included in the book. The promising news it is also more possible for people to discuss the subject matters of the chapters in 57 Pages. What they talk about future wise won't necessary need to be left out.

Cartoons focusing on same-sex relationships and civil rights were left out of the sixth edition of 57 Pages.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Updating Is More Than A Possibility

Before the sixth edition of 57 Pages was released on Friday, November 27th there was an announcement that it would be released the same month with a price rise. The longer edition on Amazon is a dollar more and the Nook shorter version is 88 cents jump from the 5th edition still on sale on Smash Words. Some people do not have to spend either eighty-eight pennies or a buck (not a deer or leaping stag) increase. If they still have the third, fourth or fifth edition of 57 Pages purchased from Amazon-Kindle books. On Friday evening, December 4th I tried it again with assistance from an Amazon customer service consultant.

One of their friendly representatives from the online chat fulfilled the update request, she switched out my copy of 57 Pages 5th edition for the 6th edition. It took less than ten minutes for the electronic transaction to be fulfilled through my Kindle app. The transition occurred in two of my devices having the Kindle book app. This year earlier through an Amazon customer representative on the telephone line I had the fourth edition of 57 Pages switched out for the fifth edition. If you received 57 Pages free from Amazon during a campaign or as a gift you can still have that prior version updated to the sixth edition. Two requirements; you need to have the Kindle app and be willing to contact Amazon customer service. Why not give it a try?