Thursday, April 28, 2016

Vijay Dixit Attentive to 2007 to Focus Saving Lives Today

The father is recounting a painful memory of a precious being lost. His 19-year old daughter Shreya blossoming into adulthood, in her second year studying at a university had her life cut short as a front passenger. The young woman's friend was operating the car taken a secondary moment to pick up a condiment, took her eyes off the road and send the auto into a hard fatal impact. It takes only a second of inattention handing the steering wheel and pressing the acceleration pedal to cause a mishap many of us may regret for a lifetime. The driver survived to admit how she lost her friend. 
The grieving parent Vijay Dixit realizes this can be anyone's unfortunate fault that is preventable. Simply estimate the annual number of distracted driving accidents per year in the US since 2007 to consider the statistics are simply too high. Two-thousand and seven, that was the year Vijay, his wife, and their other daughter last seen Shreya alive. In 2014 according to government records, more than 3100 persons in the United States were killed in distracted driving incidents, much more injured. With his recent book, One Split Second (co-authored with Antonia Felix), Mr. Dixit serves to enlighten his offspring's memory with a life-sparing lesson deserving repetition and practice by all auto operators.

Eden Prairie dad's book honors daughter he lost to distracted driving

Friday, April 22, 2016

Black Authors and Self-Publishing

Black Authors and Self-Publishing

Recently a native New York author scored a major book award this month. James McBride is the 2016 National Book Award winner for his biography entitled, Kill 'Em and Leave, it is about the life of soul music R&B legend James Brown (1933-2006). It is distributing by a subsidy of Random House; that is Spiegel & Grau, a conscious minded, human issue provoking publishing house that is less than ten years old since 2008. I have not read Kill 'Em and Leave, the reviews are overwhelmingly positive on Amazon.
A question may shake in the publishing industry same like the rattling hip bone of James Brown; regardless of the brilliance of McBride's writing, would he be enjoying similar success as an African-American author if he self-published Kill 'Em and Leave? It is uneasy for me see a solid yes in answer, although James McBride was the same award winner in 2013 for his another book. Reason there has been an on-going negative tone against self-published books in comparison to primary market publications. Professional recognition and respect do not often flow smoothly for self-published writers.
Getting a book out in the market can be hard-fought. It is another arena of contest simply to get noticed. Those independent authors with an ingenious marketing plan, a consistent budget, a basketful of good reviews and rebounding energy and drive may fare better than others with lesser resources. Last year one of the most critically panned, major published novels 50 Shades of Grey as Told by Christian by E.L. James: sold millions of copies, more than a million indy authors ever sold of any their several books combined. That may be an exaggeration.

"Not an encouraging sight. After four years of research and rewriting and after seven weeks of being published, my book ends up here."

There is nonetheless a bleak reality as another book by E.L. James, 50 Shades Darker, is adapting for the silver screen. There are sealed boxes of self-published writers' books get stored in the rear of their garages, basements or attics unnoticed and unsold. The only readers of their literary expressions might be visiting relatives, neighbors, and former school teachers. Literature Critics may have complained suffering in angst reviewing 50 Shades of Grey as told by Christian. The majority of them may be more unwilling to evaluate a self-published book by a much unknown author. How valid even if that non-major publication is fifty grades better than the once super-selling sexploitation follow-up (of 50 Shades of Grey). The likelihood of success for a self-published writer may go down a few more notches if he or she is African-American.
In spite of his accomplishments, Mr. McBride is not riding high on all the top tiers. After media coverage of his National Book Award his book Kill 'Em and Leave is hard to find on the radar of updating New York Times bestselling lists, far from the top ten. Despite the critical acclaim he is garnishing on Amazon, the same book is also a long distance from near the first 100 best-selling books on the site. How will it be a year from now? The disappearing act how so an occurrence than the appearing and re-appearing events.
With help from important sources maybe with the Publisher's Weekly journal you may be able to learn who are the leading black authors currently. From research and web surfing you could find out who are the most famous writers of color in history.  The libraries of locating treasured works by present-day independent African-American authors might remain to be establishing. The elusive knowledge for all serves as part of the global system of unfairness. If you wanted to be aware now, where would you go to find those excelling writers of ethnicity (of any human including Latino and Asian) if they are not clearly identified, more so acknowledged? African American authors have more future-wise to do than put forth their very best writing possible. They might have to prepare their minds and hearts for psychological awards greater than any fame and success achieved in authorship.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Another One

There is an additional preview for readers to evaluate the content of The Deserting Caricature Artist. The new show includes a chapter but minus one of the two images in it. Readers might find this one safer because there is not a risk of downloading questionable or hazardous material. 
However, The Deserting Caricature Artist was prepared for the general public sector of readers, no so-called "adult' content or morally offensive elements. The file for the downloadable preview has been virus scanned for internet risks. 
Here is THE LINK for this book showcase on CreateSpace which available for both CS members and the general public. If that does not work, you may try this:

Usher, Toyaa Weatherbee, a few other drawings, and photos were added to the print edition and updated digital version of The Deserting Caricature Artist. The reason why the page counts increased.

Toyaa was a regular columnist for The Florida-Times Union in Jacksonville, circa 2004.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Print Edition Is Accessible and Page-Turning

The first print edition of The Deserting Caricature Artist is on sale online, you may order it here and will be sold elsewhere:

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Also, there is a new e-book version on Kindle-Amazon matching the print copy. The print copy is 91 pages, and Kindle e-pub is 143 pages in length. 

Please be aware the edition being sold by Smashwords and other vendors is not the same as the current Kindle and CreateSpace print versions. My understanding they all should be the same. There are a few necessary requirements to fulfill at Smashwords. Before the end of April 2016, the copies sold wherever would be identical. The print edition should be on sale on Kindle/Amazon Prime in a few days before the end of this week.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Going From Heartless To Heartful

It should have been my investigation then about those familiar symbols indicating love and affection. So many of us are familiar with them being often observed in media and animated in cartoon movies and television shows, especially in mid-winter season advertisements of the February 14th holiday. How many individuals daily draw those symbols on greeting cards, notes, and love letters directing these messages to people they think of genuinely? Again it could had been my thought of researching the history of those well-known images representing the emotionally powerful effect of a human organ, this before finalizing a book cover for The Deserting Caricature Artist.

Late last month I finally did the fact-finding to be impelled enough to change the book cover as soon as possible. To my understanding, the heart shaped images has nothing to do with genuine love unless people believe that having passionate relations is the ultimate pitch of real affection and togetherness. These symbols might be basing on a favorite plant (Silphium of the Ivy family) ancient Romans overused for birth control. Please consider those past-time AD citizens may not have been too concerned about family planning. Glorified fornication without pregnancy complications was often the sole objective. The past gone plant shape resembles the so-called heart symbol which cultivation of it was a booming business. Until the Romans made it extinct by their unrestrained practices and exploitation.

The heart shape image may also to use to offend moral values; because the form illustrating a rear body part upside down that pardon me, I won't detail here. The symbol has a considerable associating with the history and current sphere of religion. The Camargue Cross is composed of three symbols, an anchor, cross, and heart. These images combined highlighting the traits of hope (assurance as an anchor securing in the seabed), 'faith' (the belief Jesus died for people's sins on a cross instead of a torture stake) and that heart (giving to the poor and helpless in charity). 

May I spare you the data of pagan worship's connection to the world of Christendom, using the heart symbol. It is easy to locate the proof if you are curious. What is relative here is that heart symbols do not accurately communicate content in the book The Deserting Caricature Artist. There are two book covers designed; one is for many of the digital copies distributing through Smashwords. The orange cover with Wayne Kochler may be using for the print copy which is still in production. It is the Amazon-Kindle digital cover. This posting is not an endorsement to discourage people from using heart shapes in their communications if they wish. It is another item of choice that may be recognized to be tainted and offensive by other individuals. Like the traditional phallic cross, it may not harm a person to learn about its' history; actual symbolic meanings in determining if using the image represents an individual's finest values and best interests. Please consider that such false imagery is not a necessity to emit vocally and hear, to demonstrate and give and to receive and benefit from the awesome potency of true-to-heart love and affection. 

Monday, April 4, 2016

Not Exactly What They Say

Currently, my book The Deserting Caricature Artist is being offered at no cost; you can have a free download of the digital copy. Apologies granted that statement is not true. Please do not be confused because illegal websites are making the claim as noted below:

Free Ebook Download The Deserting Caricature Artist: An Assemblage of Cartoon Portraits - EBOOK, PDF, EPUB

Or it is something like this:

The Deserting Caricature Artist: An Assemblage of Cartoon Portraits PDF, ePub eBook

The Deserting Caricature Artist: An Assemblage of Cartoon Portraits.pdf

File Name: The Deserting Caricature Artist: An Assemblage of Cartoon Portraits.pdf
Size: 7,410 KB
Uploaded: 21 March 2016, 9:50 PM

Status: AVAILABLE Last checked: 35 Minutes ago!

Please consider some likely facts. One is these operators have not been authorized to distribute digital copies of The Deserting Caricature Artist. Because as one actual reason they do not have e-books and other files to provide to interested parties responding to their offer. It is a set up not only to harm me as an author yet to get after you. The operators want to obtain information from you including your e-mail addresses and financial information. It is another internet scam generally, please ignore them and do not jump into the deal. What about the individuals commenting about the easy downloads" of my book as of examples below:

29 CommentsComment
  • Jenny Martins
    Finally I get this ebook, thanks for all these The Deserting Caricature Artist: An Assemblage of Cartoon Portraits I can get now!
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    cooool I am so happy xD
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  • Markus Jensen
    I did not think that this would work, my best friend showed me this website, and it does! I get my most wanted eBook
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The commentators on these illegal sites designed to lure potential victims to comply personal data for something they might not get. The con-artist gets what they been scheming for to continue their black markets of trade. It is overall a likely falsehood. The Facebook like comments a part of the dressed-up carrot on the string. Please do not bite for it because these internet vegetables have already been rotten by their deceptive farmers. Truthful and sorry to say 'Michael, Lisa' and “Jenny' are a collective fabrication. Sadly, we live in a world where there is rampant dishonesty and greed holding hands like endless lovers. These online systems borrow copyright data, actual photos and content from elsewhere using them on their phony web addresses. 
Please know authors as myself are often not involved in such crookedness and usually have to put in the hours and costs to pull away our books contents from  these operators. My thought of how helpful it might be for authors and publishing houses to speak up against fraud involving their products. I was kindly warned, "shut down one, a dozen more takes its place." The expression is another fact of our modern times. It is less trouble ridding of returning cockroaches and unwanted rodents than of online crooks and bandits. A consumer's caution and discernment would be protective coatings for a system of humanity weathered by badness. I understand this sort of posting might not aid in sales of my books. What said have to be said, silence and ignorance could be undressed wounds letting in more infections. My wish to see such sickness eliminated, nowaday lessening as much possible, thank you for visiting.