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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Chapter Two: Another Preview

There is a new preview of the youth drama publication Waiting for Regina for CreateSpace members and visitors. It features the entire chapter two with book cover of the novel.
For the record, it appears most individuals are reluctant to offer their viewpoints on a preview, which is their right and choice without obligation.

Nevertheless, there's is nothing to fear, you can provide your opinions nameless without anyone knowing who you are. And what you share could stick having value, your insight may be meaningful and benefit other writers, readers or visitors. Again, it is not required. Please, however, give it consideration if you feel inclined to express your thoughts.

If my book fare favorably on the market, I might treat myself to one of these desserts. (May it not be a long wait.)

Friday, May 12, 2017

Changing to Before from After

It is highly recommending that if you are publishing a book through varied platforms such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, CreateSpace, Lulu, Smashwords, and others. The content of the book should be the same on each of those venues, inside and out. 
It makes sense if the publication is priced smiliarly and being offered in different formats, print and digital. Recently, my first novel Waiting for Regina was differenting on that recommendation. The book cover was not exactly the same design among the online retailers. 
It is this week I made sure that the book cover is the same on each of the venues as much possible. The scene strip of the beach at the bottom of the front cover was removed leaving entirely the original cover of the first edition. It is my wish the adjustment will serve in the best interests of the public subtracting any confusion among the retailers.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

It Can BE Heard Now

Voice Actress Judy Rounda produced the first audiobook recording of one of my publishing, Regina: What Is The Color of It. Please feel at ease to visit Audibles, Amazon or iTunes and listen to the sample. You may express your thoughts on what you heard if you wish, thank you.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Covering Regina

There is some distinction among the print editions of Waiting for Regina in their book covers. In aiding your understanding, the Barnes and Noble versions have a white border around the cover designs. Please note the printing examples below.

The orange dotted lines are printing measurements, you won't see them on your copy. The other edition, the CreateSpace version do not have white borderlines. The cover design varies a bit, I had to make changes on it because the back cover borderlines were not aligned properly. Eventually, all the covers will be the same designs on both the hardcover and printed editions.

Top and bottom (or second and third) images here are the front and back cover of the CreateSpace editions. Did you note the differences apart from the Barnes and Noble? The hint is the position of the iris of the eye in the watch for the back cover? Please feel free to express your viewpoints of the book covers. Not my wish to confuse you; the interior contents of the 2nd edition of Waiting for Regina are the same in the Barnes and Noble and CreateSpace print versions. From my understanding, all the print copies of the remaining first edition of the novel have sold out. If you wish to purchase the 1st edition it is only in electronic formats on sale at iBooks, Smashwords, and other online retailers.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Waiting for Regina Is Now in Hardcover

There is a pick of three editions of Waiting for Regina. If you look below in the screen shot on the right side of the image of the Barnes and Noble's page of the electronic version of the novel.  You see a distinction of prices. The Nook book is an epub, and it is also the first published 157 paged edition of Waiting for Regina before the recent revision.
There are paperback and hardcover editions of Waiting for Regina, these are the revised versions of 186 pages which include added content to the novel, a table of contents, and short author biography. I left out the additional materials last year to reduce the cost of producing the book.
You can read the entire book for free if you visit a Barnes and Noble bookstore repeatedly. That would be after a customer is downloading the free ebook on a tablet or smartphone. You have to read it in the store. The publication will disappear off your tablet if you return to your car in the parking lot. There are also digital formats of the first edition book on sale at Smashwords including Apple iBook.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

For Now, No Waiting at Amazon

The 2nd edition of my novel Waiting for Regina is now on sale online at Amazon and CreateSpace in print and digital versions. My apology for the price increase, the cost for printing risen due to added content. The second edition of Waiting for Regina may be on sale soon on Barnes and Noble and other online retailers or in early April 2017.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Please Stay Tuned


It has been while since I posted anything here. I have been busy with projects and college amid other obligations.

Currently, the print version of Waiting for Regina is not available. My hope it will be back on sale as soon as possible or by April 7th. The manuscript of Regina must undergo corrections and adjustments.

The processing for printing requires time. The digital edition of the novel is available at iBooks, Smashwords, Kobo, and elsewhere. Please stay tuned.

Friday, February 3, 2017

On Air Online e-Learning Free

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Monday, January 23, 2017

Another Week of Free Online Classes from Creative Live

Many might be figuring out how to use their smartphones including the popular with absorbingly frills iPhone. If you have the Apple device there's a slicing of favorable news if you striving to comprehend one of its major features in capturing photographic images.
Here's your opportunity to creatively learn about this handheld technical wonder in a live class with others in diswonderment on how expensive thing works. For what you are shelling out for this talkie in costs and monthly celluar servicing, why not get the most from it? You'll notice there are other free live classes. Those  courses may be for the rest of us who don't want or are unable to afford an Apple iPhone.
At least two characters in my novel Waiting for Regina practiced craftwork. No cost-classes involve this artisan area plus how to use Keynote software and your DSLR. Yes, I do not own one, the iPhone, used a Samsung smartphone to produce this posting - happy learning!

Check Out CreativeLive's Free On-Air Classes">Check Out CreativeLive's Free On-Air Classes

Free On-Air Classes - Week of 1/22

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Thursday, January 12, 2017

Would You Be Reaching The Same Conclusion?

Have you been waiting to hear what others would say about the new novel they read? The first book reviews of Waiting for Regina are arriving in near time on Goodreads. Below is one recent example from Elizabeth White, would you find her assessment agreeable? 
The question may be a challenge to answer if you have not read the book. When someone as Ms.White shares an honest explanation of value, it can aid people to make a purchasing decision that beforehand might have seemed risky or uncertain. 
Barnes and Noble for the next few days until January 16th lessen the gamble for consumers. With any purchase from either their store or online, you get 15% off the retail price. There are other books and items of your choice, it is, however, an opportunity to get Waiting for Regina at a lower price. That would be a bargain if you came to a conclusion after reading it, that Ms. White is right about what she said of my first novel. The coupon code for the 15% off until January 16, 2017, is BNJAN17

Sunday, January 1, 2017

For The Guys Too

In the new novel, Waiting for Regina, a father facing a long departure from his family asks his youngest daughter a difficult question. He was wondering if she is willing to wait for him until he returns, possibly years later in the future. In response, the enthusiastic little girl answers in a way any loving "daddy" would delight in hearing from his child. 
Family life is one of the currents
flowing throughout the new novel,
Waiting for Regina.
Waiting for Regina may easily be billed as 'chick literature,' for the girls only. The three central characters are women, the main narrative told by one of them. Additionally, a mother reaches out to claim her child from a threatening situation. The same woman willingly renders first aid to an unknown boy. The women in this book are encountering very uneasy and straining happenings in their lives and are responding admirably. 
The novel is written by a male, yes; that is me. There is a lot in store for the guys too. For example, it is a father who takes the lead in restoring his daughter's self-esteem. He also defends her reputation against bad rumors. Likewise, it is him too, spearheading for his children's education as head of the household. In the book, a husband makes a critical decision with his spouse supporting him which, unfortunately, contributes to a family tragedy.
In the book also, a man boldly demonstrates his attachment to a woman before hundreds of eyewitnesses, who might otherwise be questioning the relationship. Men are also are taking the lead role in disaster relief efforts towards desperate citizens in need. A few others are the first influencing fraudulent acts and other hurtful deeds.At that point, readers might contrast the differences between persons abusing their powers and those using their authority responsibly. 
Hannah unkindly rebuked by the high priest Eli in
First Samuel chapter one. A Bible illustration
by Julius Schnorr von Corolsfeld (1794-1872)
The accounts of Ruth and Esther have women as the principals. Their sterling examples are inspiriting to many young ladies for generation after generations. The facts bear men penned those books. Including Samuel who's relating his mother, Hannah's acute disconsolation as a barren wife in First Samuel chapter one. Few would argue today's females would be unable to relate to the emotions and circumstances of these historical figures. Because also, their stories are universal, appealing to all humans.
Admittedly it was challenging and uncertain at times, for me to relate Mispha's experiences in her words. I do confess how impossible for me to identify with accuracy a woman's feelings. When writing a scene basing from Mispha's narration, I would spend days into a week configuring how she sees it. Then when you felt it stated wrong, you may hear that voice behind you, "No, that is not the way I told you! Cross that out, write it over please." Isn't what this Nassau County high school student from Chestnut Bay would say to me?

Of course, Mispha is not a real person; she's a fictional creation in literature. Chestnut Bay is not an actual location on Long Island. Nonetheless, there is some truth to "men are from Mars and women are from Venus." Rather than pretend, I know what she is thinking or feeling. I viewed myself as Mispha's writer carefully jotting her sayings the way she utters them. When Mispha explains her sadness and happiness, I fought to recall what others of her gender and age level tell it. Little to question woman authors taken a similar approach relating the thoughts of men. Would you like to be more acquainted with Mispha, her family, and friends?
It is my pleasure and privilege to announce to the world my first novel, Waiting for Regina is releasing in the market for your purchase-NOW. It is distributing through Barnes and Noble by way of Nook Press Print. For the time being, it is only in print, soft-bound, 176 pages, twenty-one chapters. The digital format may be available in a few days. It is is a first for me. Usually, my books are introduced in digital files first then eventually in physical page turning form.
If you live anywhere, please entertain to your public library staff to purchase a book or two for your community. If you are attending junior high, college or high school, please make the suggestion to your institution's library to buy copies of Waiting for Regina. It is unique young person fiction that drives realistically into issues affecting many of them today, including a tough-to-discuss subject of colorism, also teenage depression and other youth struggles. If you are a student, Waiting for Regina may be an idea essay or class report.
Possibly it is a version of Chupe de Camarones
soup. A least three named cuisine dishes were
prepared by characters in Waiting for Regina.
If you live on Long Island, please consider visiting the book product page, read the description and purchasing the book for yourself or as a gift for someone else. At your choice, if you wish. The reason for these requests on this blog site? If there is enough positive attention toward Waiting for Regina, I may be able to visit local Barnes and Noble bookshops for book signings and possibly have discussions about the publication. 
If there are such possible appearances (not guaranteed), it would be announced here and at local Barnes and Nobles stores. If Waiting for Regina is saying something vital you want others to hear, please clear the path for it to be sounding out reaching the individuals who may desire hearing it. Please remember people may respond to a book variably as individuals tasting the new cuisine in town. Not every dish is for everyone. But enough may like it to keep it on the menu. Please feel at ease to sample my book.