Friday, June 30, 2017

Updated Book Covers

A day for savoring the color of sand.

Below are images of the updated book covers of the 5.5 x 8.5-inch Nook Press US trade paperback ($8.89), 5.5" by 8.5" CreateSpace paperback (8.89), and the five and a half by eight and a half inches Nook Press hardcover (19.00 retail).  The contents of the publications are the same as so the black spine 9" x 6" paperback edition ($9.00)at Lulu's online bookstore. 
To note, the book product page on CreateSpace states the "2nd" edition, however, it is actually the 3rd edition of the novel. The correction would issue forth in near time. 
There is new book preview at CreateSpace, which include engrossing conversations between the characters without a book description. I am anticipating you'll be pleased overall of what they say.

Nook Press Paperback

CreateSpace (Amazon) Paperback

Nookpress Hardcover

Monday, June 26, 2017

The ‘Waiting' Team Returns to iTunes

Mr. and Mrs. Labeau, Kenny, the Andersons, William, Mrs. Hussang, April, and other characters of Waiting for Regina are making an encore at the iTunes store. They are returning after a revision was performed on the 1980's coming of age novel. 

A distant sighting of the 2017 graduating class of Bay Shore High School on Friday, June 23rd. A 1987 graduation ceremony in Waiting for Regina was a major scene of the novel.

As of many other publications listed at the Apple online retailer, there are no reviews of Waiting for Regina. Seems like they don't get them as much as Amazon and Goodreads. You could be the first individual to express your literary evaluation of my book if you wish. 


iTunes offers a free downloadable preview depending if you have the approved Apple device and software. The electronic copies of Waiting for Regina are available at other online stores including Kobo, however, there will be some waiting for the updated printed editions of the novel. There are no reviews yet of my novel at Kobo, the door is opened there also. Please stay tuned.

Friday, June 16, 2017

The Third Edition of Waiting for Regina Released As ePub

The editing and re-editing the novel Waiting for Regina has been completed. However, it is no longer the second edition because there were changes made to avoid any plagiarism, (although it was all unintentional). Also, in honoring the previous reviews of the book, this recent revision excludes every possible grammar and spelling error existing. These were searched out word by word, sentence by sentence, paragraph by paragraph, chapter by chapter. Waiting for Regina is an essential story which should not be tripped up by these faults. 
Some present tense verbs and adverbs were changed to past tense to respect the high standards of American English language. Also, the overall publication was made more concise including the removal of any dangling modifications, incomplete statements, and unnecessary expressions. To add to this, I checked for and subtracted out any politically incorrect statements. For example, the word 'mankind' was exchanged for words as humankind, people, and humanity.  

A bus stop in East Islip, New York
As an enhancement, the vocabulary was increased throughout the publication. Mispha is the narrator; she is known to be a proficient reader who loves books. Of course, she would use some statements uncommon to literary laypersons but are learnable by the public. In the first and second editions, for example, there are scenes when the main character Mispha is looking directly, eye to eye to the person she is addressing. However, since her feelings and relationship toward each vary, she does not look at them the same way while conversing. Whatever it is conscious or sub-conscious, the new edition of the novel reveals such personal distinction with a variation of wording. 
     The updated ePub (ebook) is available now on Barnes and Noble's online store. By Sunday, June 18 the revised Kindle version will be on sale on Amazon. Please feel at ease to read the free book previews online at B&N and Amazon and share the news with others. To help recognize the third edition from the previous one, there is a new chapter in it entitled 'Other Books by the Author.' If you have any questions, please post them here, I will do my best to respond. Currently, there is a limited distribution of the electronic copies of the book with fewer website retailers. The edited print versions are not ready yet; these will by announced shortly.

Friday, June 9, 2017

Free On-Air Classes - Week of 6/11

When she was reviewing my book, 57 Pages: A Short Collection of Thought-Motivating Cartoon, a thoughtless Amazon book critic employed an unfair comparison using the example of her beloved toddler grandson as a better writer and artist than me. Her readers probably figured out that the unnamed youngster has not yet published any articles or books to prove her statements true. She should be forgiven. 57 Pages, the e-book was eventually unpublished on (removed from) Amazon. 

     New independent writers should be prepared for this kind of critical response to their works because, in this case, unethical unprofessionalism might run unchecked and undisciplined in a world that does not guarantee absolute professional fairness toward each individual. One of the important reasons why the book critic could have humbled and corrected herself is that positive activities such as drawing and writing can be upbuilding rather than degrading others. The visual and literary abilities can serve to bond individuals rather than divide them. 
     It is somber when people decide to utilize comparison and prideful tactics against one another or to advance undue favoritism in their societies. In my novel Waiting for Regina, two honor students, Regina and Mispha willingly assisted their lower achieving classmates educationally, despite those girls being minorities in an affluent community.

     Please consider a primary example among the populations who believe God exists and is alive. The fact is all humans benefit from his creations of a life-giving and sustaining earth providing us air to breathe, food and water for nourishment. To add to it, the Bible is the most widely distributed book ever! Very few if any can sensibly debate this literature was prepared and inspired to promote antisocial behaviors among its readers. 

     Not to overlook the marvels of creation (glorious sunsets, phenomenal arranged celestial night skies, awesome waterfalls and peak mountain summits) can be appreciated and enjoyed by any human. A blind, deaf and vocally mute person can feel the cool summer breeze, finger feel the shape of an odd sea shell, and smell his Aunt Bessie's home-baked cinnamon crust apple pie. We can say God is the greatest artist and author in the universe. 
     Yet amazingly, his works serve to benefit not diminish intelligent creatures (people of all sorts). Getting back to the privileges of drawing and writing, my advice is never feeling ashamed or discouraged to practice and share these endeavors with others. Some persons may feel they are beyond hope and can never improve, yet more truthfully any individual (if they wish) can in time grow progressively in their writings and drawings with actual application and diligence. 
     Bear in mind, many might have sensed the need to enhance their communication skills, especially to better provide for themselves economically. Please do not give up hope, particularly if you were targeted by unkind and insincere statements. Also, a person may choose to take advantage of opportunities such as free classes offered by CreativeLive. Besides thinking how challenging it may be to excel in these categories, please ponder what you could gain future wisely as you examine the listing below, I wish you favorable success.

Class Name: Use Your Photography Skills to Master Videography
Text Link: Use Your Photography Skills to Master Videography Class at CreativeLive
Start Date: 6/11/2017
End Date: 6/12/2017
RSVP Date: 6/11/2017

Class Name: Creating Panoramas in Photoshop and Lightroom
Text Link: Creating Panoramas in Photoshop and Lightroom Class at CreativeLive
Start Date: 6/11/2017
End Date: 6/12/2017
RSVP Date: 6/11/2017

Class Name: Making & Using Drum Samples
Text Link: Making & Using Drum Samples Class at CreativeLive
Start Date: 6/11/2017
End Date: 6/12/2017
RSVP Date: 6/11/2017

Class Name: Drawing Basics
Text Link: Drawing Basics Class at CreativeLive
Start Date: 6/12/2017
End Date: 6/13/2017
RSVP Date: 6/12/2017

Class Name: Six Months to Six Figures
Text Link: Six Months to Six Figures Class at CreativeLive
Start Date: 6/12/2017
End Date: 6/13/2017
RSVP Date: 6/12/2017

Class Name: Start a Profitable Online Business
Text Link: Start a Profitable Online Business Class at CreativeLive
Start Date: 6/13/2017
End Date: 6/14/2017
RSVP Date: 6/13/2017

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Where Faith Awaits You

In the local cafe, the statement on the unstained wood framed blackboard with pink and blue chalk words reads;

"Don't run from the unknown:
This uncertainty is where faith stems from. Where you are now now may not be your final destination...The journey is a marthon not a sprint though to settle is the opposite.> A new chapter awaits once you try."

The new audiobooks of my publication are among those pleasant unknowns you need not fear to listen to the samples on Audibles. Please click on the links below to hear Judy Rounda's performances.

Regina, What is The Color of It?

Regina, ¿Cu├íl es el Color de Esto (In Spanish, Regina What Is The Color of It?)