Monday, June 26, 2017

The ‘Waiting' Team Returns to iTunes

Mr. and Mrs. Labeau, Kenny, the Andersons, William, Mrs. Hussang, April, and other characters of Waiting for Regina are making an encore at the iTunes store. They are returning after a revision was performed on the 1980's coming of age novel. 

A distant sighting of the 2017 graduating class of Bay Shore High School on Friday, June 23rd. A 1987 graduation ceremony in Waiting for Regina was a major scene of the novel.

As of many other publications listed at the Apple online retailer, there are no reviews of Waiting for Regina. Seems like they don't get them as much as Amazon and Goodreads. You could be the first individual to express your literary evaluation of my book if you wish. 


iTunes offers a free downloadable preview depending if you have the approved Apple device and software. The electronic copies of Waiting for Regina are available at other online stores including Kobo, however, there will be some waiting for the updated printed editions of the novel. There are no reviews yet of my novel at Kobo, the door is opened there also. Please stay tuned.

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