Saturday, September 6, 2014

Fifty Seven Pages

57 Pages57 Pages: A Short Collection of Thought-Motivating Cartoons is the title of this first cartoon book of mine was a surprise project due to my need to discontinue using the social network account. It was released in August 2014. Two of my laptop computers are no longer suitable for use, what a disappointment when these tools are needed.
I have been employing the public library computers and a 7-inch screen tablet to create the publications through Nook PressFor the two books mentioned above, I gathered cartoons and humorous drawings that were posted on my deleted, news commentary blog site, Curtis On The News. 
57 Pages contain recent comic pictures never published before, online and elsewhere in print. It is also one of the most affordable e-books of cartoons. Nook Books offers a lending program allowing you to share the book with others. There is a free, six-page preview of 57 Pages on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, and Smashwords in addition to other online retailers, for more information, please click on this link, thank you for visiting this site.

One of the cartoons of '57 Pages' that was produced inside of a small screen, Apple iTouch. Only two pictures in 57 Pages were hand drawn and inked by hand. 

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