Friday, May 22, 2015

5th Edition of 57 Pages Posted

With the assistance of Nook Press business team and technicians I did not have to forsake publishing the most recent revision of 57 Pages: A Short Collection of Thought-Motivating Cartoons. Therefore in this 5th edition since October 2014 the editorial changes necessary of grammar were put in place. The e-book is on sale on the Barnes and Noble Nook Press site with a current book preview of nine pages: 
It will remain at the reduced price of no more than two bucks (not deers). My wish for people to be able to afford it, to share it with others and be able to give it as a gift if they wish. The book may soon go on sale on Kindle Books from Amazon.
If you have read or reviewed the book before it is understandable, you may not wish to examine it again. You may want to check out the book preview that is different than prior editions. To note there were content changes also of me correcting the unpopular syntax and grammar errors. Individual cartoons were removed and replaced, and gag lines were adjusted. The introduction chapter was completely re-written with an explanation on the overall nature of the pictures. What is new of this collection of cartoons is what is also upcoming, 57 Pages is a book series. There will be a second book as indicated on the product page. From a previous edition, the first book is at a reduced file size of 18MB.

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