Monday, May 4, 2015

Forsaking What Needs To Be Forsaken

Over the past, few months I attempted to produce a successful 4th edition of the e-book 57 Pages: A Short Collection of Thought-Motivating Cartoons. My endeavor was to remove all the grammar errors and syntax errors. Some of them were not a hardship to correct but required considerable time, research and focus, these being just the gag lines. The challenging cartoons to fix have the gag lines incorporated or embedded in them. I spent weeks with many hours carefully removing faulted type and inputting new lettering. With these cartoons being finished, my thought the most difficult part of the revision was very much done. It was not at least in this area.
After assembling the cartoons in the revised manuscript, the online manuscript editor kept rejecting it. I made numerous adjustments and experimented with possible solutions to get the online manuscript editor to accept the new edition to publish it. It would not compromise. After repeated efforts to communicate with the online manuscript editor administrators and technical team to resolve those issues my wish now to give up on producing a revised 4th edition. I am unhappy about the outcome, embarrassed of grammatical errors.
Unfortunately, I do not have the resources and hardware to seek other alternatives aside from the online manuscript editor that produced the e-pub. The book was removed from the Amazon market to make those corrections. Now it is being placed back on as is on both Nook Books and Amazon Kindle at a reduced price. It is my wish in future time I will have funds and equipment to revise the ebook again outside the online manuscript editor. One of my desires is to move on to produce another book of cartoons and work on other, literary projects. There are goals of learning from and avoiding the mistakes I made with 57 Pages.

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