Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Is There A Reason Why It Is There?

A professional editor shared with me her thoughts about the recent edition of 57 Pages. She provided exceptional suggestions in improving the gag lines in the book. Nevertheless, she as a loyal Catholic communicated to me that certain cartoons in 57 Pages deeply offended her. I acknowledged her feelings and apologized in reply.

There some cartoons that reflected on religious faith. One of them features Jesus Christ being asked to seek a higher office of worldly fame and power. Included in 57 Pages is one cartoon of an openly gay priest who is celebrating his appointment, although his specific religion is not specified. How true this is of an unseen man of a Christendom creed in another cartoon, calling out for followers.
It is appropriate to post here the humorous drawing that likely bothered many practicing Catholics and offered my explanation of why it is in the book. If you can see it below in your browser. The cartoon addresses cleric sexual abuse of youths from past times. It also seems to indicate the Catholic leadership's cover-up of those crimes and their lack of protection for the children victimized.

In this particular cartoon, I was moved to relate the silent, yet the powerful, destructively mental impact on surviving abused adults. They are still affected decades after the damaging crimes committed upon them. The Catholic organization might have stepped up its action against predator cleric leaders and staff. They responded to the suffering of victims, to some degree. Nonetheless as a conscious individual there appears to be to me more damage existing than of repairing and prevention by this global institution.
The cartoon was not produced for the book. It was featured on a blog post of Curtis on the News (between 2012-2013?) which is now closed, deleted online. At the likely time of the blog post the deceased Pope John Paul II was being actively considered for sainthood. This event was being highly anticipated by millions of followers worldwide.

There were too the critics and victims standing against this pending recognition by the Vatican. They are being overlooked by popular opinion as well as the effort to ignore John Paul's hidden record of concealing and transferring child abusing priests. Somehow I did not doubt John Paul II would get his crown of sainthood regardless of any accusation cited of his papacy.
The book, 57 Pages contains cartoons of parents desiring to shield their children from predators including school teachers. For the fifth edition I felt the book would have a balance on the sensitive issue if the cartoon involving cleric child abuse is a part of it. Although people will be offended. It is the social problem that the Catholic institution falls short in resolving in real justice. When a crisis goes unanswered, there is that open space for the viewpoints of onlookers expressing themselves. As an author, I did so partly with this cartoon, taking advantage of this privilege of expression.

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