Thursday, July 16, 2015

A Matter of Taste

Could you imagine the tide of human change sending an individual sweet sailing on a blissful day of blue skies, puffy, white clouds, and bright sunshine? While another person is drowning in a dark cloudy, raging sea storm. The legalization nationwide in the United States of same-sex marriage is a dramatic storm of social change. A strengthening number see this change as a bright sunny advancement of civil rights justice.
Others could sense the storm clouds moving in, darkening as evidence of humanity's downward spiral from morality. The traditional family of a man, his wife, his children and the grandparents, of course, appear to be losing their lasting clout in the basic unit of human society. No doubt many are happy about the recent, majority Supreme Court decision favoring homosexual marriages. "Love is love" supporters proclaim while waving multicolored, rainbow flags and banners in public demonstrations. Or some may remark, "some people are gay, get over it!" It is an unkind statement because many of us non-embracing of legalized, same-sex unions have been realizing this obvious fact. We have been respecting with tolerance people's option to practice homosexuality in their lives. Personally I feel it is unjust-inhuman to bully, defraud or mistreat people because of their choice of sexuality.

It seems apparent that advocates of homosexuality want much more than our respectful tolerance. They want much more than establishing full, civil rights for same-sex couples and families. Do they not strive in removing any trace of disgrace, shame or guilt of practicing homosexuality? Do they not relish for the complete nullification of any, seeming abnormality? For an example of a man bedding a man (or boy) as a woman. Or two, women partners parenting a trove of children in their busy household? Do they lust for the elimination of any reasoning question, any doubts or basic, biological facts that their choice of sexuality is not realistic, is unacceptable? Is it not true nowadays people are afraid to acknowledge their own, internal sense of right and wrong - because of the widespread acceptance of homosexuality?
Maybe I am one of those who would experience that great tide of human change sweeping over and drowning him. Might I merit this outcome after featuring anti-homosexual cartoons on my now-deleted, blog sites? And was it due to me after writing non-supportively of homosexual practices in my current book, Curtis on the News: The Unfinished Chronicles, 2008-2013?  How about the so-called karma heading my way after publishing two, anti-homosexual cartoons in the book, 57 Pages: A Short Book of Thought-Motivating Cartoons? All this appears to ask for trouble because it is not good to openly communicate that same-sex fornication is wrong, right?

A massive, ocean tide that flushes out onto the beach could recede into the large body of water. How do we know? We learn this process is a part of our understanding of gravity, of the sea currents, the wind force, of the nature of water. No one has ever been successful in keeping the tides from going back from where they came. There are absolute truths of humanity that are impossible to hold back or vanquish from our sight.
To humankind the real consequences of homosexuality could be experienced favorably or unfavorably, it depends on the person. How adversely like an unsafe driver who prized the privileges of operating a vehicle, but dislike the limiting, traffic restrictions. Whereas the other driver appreciates the traffic regulations for his safety and others and is still able to enjoy driving. There is our real choice whatever to endorse same-sex unions or not to support it. My writings and cartoons are in acknowledgment of the facts a man can choose to open his eyes to, but will find that impossibility to shut his sight away. Because there is an acknowledgment of having freedom. It is the price of accountability.

A man and woman who willingly enter a martial arrangement are aware of their obligations. Otherwise, they would not make those audible vows before the eyes of family and friends as witnesses. The couple would not sign a marriage license before those same persons. With happiness, they accept their roles of accountability. Isn't it exactly the same with homosexual couples, because 'love is love'?
No question gay couples might have an intense love for each other and do many good acts for one another. Such individuals may be knowledgeable, be outstanding pet owners and highly skillful in their secular work. They may be the very best of supportive friends and are capable of raising children. What affects all these good abilities, traits or qualities, is it your education or your background? My viewpoint is something significant we all can have regardless of who we are or where we originated. Is it love that could affect all we do? Love is a word that has been overused and being applied to most anything. Therefore, what is your definition of true love?

We know it is a powerful emotion that could help us accomplish good for ourselves and others. Remember the pie-making lady from a previous posting here? People may say she made her fruit and custard pies with love. You would taste the difference from someone who made same uncaringly, or with hate. Why?  Because not only has she use the best ingredients available to her. She also gave her careful time in preparation and following ground rules in cooking. With that understanding should there not be vital guidelines in exercising true love? Should not this potent emotion support sensible principals? How true we need common sense in our love for others.
For that reason, my viewpoint is that the quality of love in a heterosexual marriage is not the same for homosexual marriages. In a same-sex union, there are serious violations greater than of a man and woman arguing and throwing things at one another. Those violations are against their existences as male and female genders. Because men and women by nature are different from each other physically yes, but also psychologically and chemically inside and out. These variations even include our sweat glands and how our brains function. The same-sex marriage is biologically not a good recipe regardless of the strong passions involved.

True it is people chose to marry their same gender regardless, and many do support them. They know deep within themselves as others witness them, realizing from their living as females and males. That these arrangements are unnatural. How could true love be reasonably sustained if you break the law against yourself as a man or as a woman? The backing and praises from others does not erase those clear-cut establishments of human nature. That mass agreement is the high wave receding into the sea of reality. Therefore, I felt inclined to include those cartoons about homosexuality in my book, with viewpoints that might not be expressed elsewhere. And I wrote about the problems of homosexuality in another book, as was done for other social ailments resulting from law-breaking and the ignoring of vital principals.

Vandalism being noticed at a Brentwood, New York bus stop, it is an indication of lawbreaking and disregard for both local administrations and fellow citizens. The advancement of civil rights for practices of homosexuality would accomplish little promoting respect for law and order in human society. How could new legislation fostering immorality in communities help to maintain acceptable standards of decency and morality among their citizens? 

Here is another matter, would not those cartoons and writings be unnecessary because people are born gay or are unable to change their sexual orientation? How unreasonable to ask any parent if their reproduction organs were designed and programmed to produce gay children. Real heterosexual parents have loved and accepted their children who chosen to practice homosexuality. Those grown-ups from the start never planned willfully to beget homosexual infants. Most likely they had different, future aspirations for their girls and boys according to their sexes. If people believe in God, there is no excuse to blame him more so. Medical scientists discovered faulted, human genes, hereditary diseases, militant cancers-but never homosexual genes in our DNA coding.

There are, however, very powerful psychological, emotional and sociological factors that affected people's sexual identities. How unjust a boy or girl was sexually assaulted by same gender adults. Or youths might be impacted by their parents' shady behaviors and embarrassing treatment of them. Maybe it was a guy or girl's life-long, bad experiences with the opposite sex. There are numerous, unwanted occurrences a person may have chosen not to be influencing their lives. Is any of these social elements sound reasons to remain unchanged as practicing homosexuals? If you say yes, reconsider please what you are believing or not believing.
There are countless, real-life accounts of people restoring their lives positively after painful childhoods, horrible tragedies and after experiencing severe injustices. So if a person could overcome their slavery to drug abuse, alcoholism, smoking or otherwise. Could not anyone win over the adamant temptations of homosexuality. In fact, some might have found it easier to resist same-sex practices than to live as gay persons. Many proven this, for some it might have been that resistance after becoming sick. After a period of recovery, they chose to resume homosexuality. When they had the option to adapt to a heterosexual life. Is it a genetic or sociological impossibility, or is it a person's decision that keeps an individual active in homosexuality?

If it is a choice, then this is good news for someone desiring a way out. The way out does not have to be unreasonable like going to some evangelical, brain detox-boot camp. There would be that daily struggle to resist of course. Nonetheless, the wrong temptations might immensely lessen when a person wisely steers clear from the wrong associates and wrongful environments, entertainment, media, and all else endorsing homosexuality. Also a sincere individual fighting homosexual urges may choose healthful environments, companions, reading materials and whatever else that will help him, or her maintain their resolve. Our choices would affect how we live day to day.
To recap a little of what was being discussed here we know legalized, homosexual marriages is the law of the land in the US and other nations. A massive, climbing number of persons including some political and church leaders support it. But it is what it is. We don't have to guess much that millions want to continue practicing homosexuality, bisexuality, and transsexualism. It is their life's option along with the pleasures and consequences with it. They should not be mistreated or abused for their choice of sexual orientation.
We can reasonably assume there may be some individuals who could successfully choose to discontinue homosexuality. They should not be mistreated or discouraged from living that decision according to the laws of human nature instilled in us since our embryo stage of life. Therefore my writings and cartoons non-supportive of homosexuality could not be out-date or currently be found unnecessary. Because that sweeping tide of worldly acceptance will not overcome every person. It will never drown out what have been existing in every man and woman, and in every family and any generation.

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