Thursday, July 9, 2015

Did They Understood?

To those who were willing to view these images top and bottom and comment on them. I invited people living in different countries to tell me if they understood what these cartoons in the photo images are saying to them, their meaning. It was my insistence they are honest and not hold back any deserving criticism. Would you like to know what they said?

What you see in of the photos are Nook tablet displays of actual pages from my book, 57 Pages: A Short Book of Thought-Motivating Cartoons. One of these images being shown in the Kindle Book app that allows readers to have a black background with white type. The type you can also enlarge on the screen. Google Playbook app will allow you to zoom out or enlarge the drawings. This Nook tablet is currently not on sale; it is an older model replaced by a newer version produced by Samsung. The older model is what I have. Please now take note what the commenters shared.

Of the dogs cartoon:

A woman from Singapore stated:
it's fine, except for the part "affable about our lives", which sounds a little bit awkward.

Of the prison cartoon:

A young woman in Taiwan admitted to me:

Don't really understand about that. Sorry

(I told her that her answer is okay with me. I thanked her. I also expressed my gratitude to the other commenters.)

A student in Spain sought to confirm with me:

Is it like this?
Is it like this?

1. "Loose your halo"---> disappear? 2. Inmates---> kinda foes? 3. Ambush---> unveil? discover you?

In this way, the sentence makes sense!!! I'm not quite sure!!!

A grandfather in Brazil stated:

It means that the new prisoner will be raped by the guards first and then by the inmates, because of his horrible crimes.

Of the runners cartoon:

A man in the United States shared a correction:

It is understandable.
The correction would be, " .....need to engage in a triathlon..... ".

The same grandfather from Brazil said:

It is a comment on the article and understandable.

And the same student in Spain communicated this to me:

I can understand it but not without a second look, I wouldn't say that it is the best way to explain it though it is correct!

I understood that the protagonist needs Don't for his "daily races" and also he thought that I could get them from triathlon. He also uses "opiate" as "to provide drugs" making us think that the endorphins are drugs, well, that's the point, what really are the endorphins (also well-called the substance of the happiness)? In this point, for me, it is an interesting question!!

I hope it helps you to see what others see on it!!!

==================================================================================== :-)

Those were their answers above. What is interesting is that these persons did not read the book, only saw what were in the photo images. The cartoons were not as visual in the photos as much these were in the e-book the book critics had copies.  There was an exception with the runners' cartoon that was not presented in a picture. I posted them a copy of it. From the majority the people above who were asked they have grasped a measure of understanding than most of the book critics thus far. Do you share their views from they seen?

This image is not in the book of 57 Pages, the shoreline of Robert Moses Beach. May you enjoy your day at the beach with the sounds of waves and tides, with soft, summer ocean breezes.

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