Tuesday, October 20, 2015

A Line Retread

Currently under major revision my current book, 57 Pages: A Short Collection of Thought-Motivating Cartoons addresses the subject of death in some perspectives. Without presenting the cartoons here on this posting, it is my wish to share with you in what ways these morbidly themed gag pictures may soon to be read by you in the upcoming edition of 57 Pages. 

There are humorous drawings conveying people remembering their deceased loved ones. In other cartoons death is reflected as an anticipated outcome being discouraged and avoided. Among the discussions of the cartoons is attention to what happens (physically and consciously) to our cherished ones, that is after he or she buried underground. The answers are not given in the book because these are cartoons, not lectures of what to believe or accept about the dead and those confronting death. Nonetheless, the door remains open for persons searching for real answers to learn the actual condition and hope of those decreased. It appears in one cartoon that an individual living a limited and unhappy life decided to keep living when he might have freely selected to expire. 

Not only the cartoons people will be talking to you from the e-book. The upcoming edition of 57 Pages: A Short Collection of Thought-Motivating Motivating Cartoons will have increased the content of added explanations, statements and references. The 6th edition of 57 Pages may possibly be released between late October and mid-November of 2015. The photos here in this posting are of a memorial for local September 11th victims murdered by terrorists in 2001. The park of the memorial is located on Main Street, Huntington, NewYork.

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