Saturday, November 28, 2015

Two Versions of the 6th Edition of 57 Pages

If you visited Nook Press last Friday to see the product page of the revised edition of 57 Pages: A Short Collection of Thought-Motivating Cartoons you will notice a change today. It is the same e-book yes, but it is a shorter version of 100 pages on Nook Press with a reduced price from $2.99 to $2.79 USA price. The book cover of the shorter 6th edition is right here below this paragraph with the shark fin.
Why the shark? The creature makes a presence in one of the cartoons. The file download of the shorter version is a little less than 18mg. You visit other online book sites like Smash Words. You  still find the 5th edition on sale for a penny or two less than two dollars in price. I was unsuccessful submitting either the short or longer six edition version on those sites. At least for the time being people could make comparisons between the fifth and six editions and note the changes.

The longer, 108-page version is only on Amazon Kindle book site. It has a file size of a little over 23mg. The price is $2.99; there are a few more cartoons with additional written content and references. The book previews of each version on the product pages are up to date, if you have not done so please visit the sites and note the samples of the 6th edition. The book cover below this paragraph of the starry night is for the expanded edition.

It is a confident anticipation that the grammar, spelling and any syntax errors of the previous editions would not be an issue for the sixth edition. For both versions, there has been a lot of editing and re-editing of the total content. As a writer, I took a few liberties breaking the rules. For example, saying little old ladies is the correct expression grammar wise. In the book a character in 57 Pages said, "little old girls" which is grammatically incorrect. I wanted the cartoon character to say that faulty phase because it reflects her attitude of her older associates. In another section of the book, I left in the erroneous 'get it done with' because it sounded right in conveying a "give it to me", careless disposition of human society. If you consider that many musicians and screenplay writers quickly get away with incorporating incorrect grammar and slang expressions in their song lyrics and dialogue. Then it is a possibility I may be given a pardon from these linguistic violations. We'll have to see what happens; I look forward to you enjoying either version of 57 Pages.

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