Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 Finishing, 2016 Starting and Moving Forward

Since this blog started in the fall season, 2014 this December 2015 has been the biggest month having nearly 250 visitors. Ten countries were representing in the statistics; the most visitors were from United States, Russia and the United Kingdom. I appreciate even the one individual in Sri Lanka reading the blog articles here about my first book, 57 Pages: A Short Book of Thought-Motivating Cartoons, thank you all. 2015 began painfully with a continued surge of critically slapping reviews. The reviews were very discouraging; I thought it was a conscious act to remove the book from the market permanently. It did happen for short periods during revisions of the manuscript. Instead another book (Curtis on the News: The Unfinished Chronicles, 2008-2013) I authored was deleting from book buyers access before anyone purchase a copy of it.
What is promising is that this year 2015 is concluding with some positive reviews of my first book. The publication critics were encouraging to seeing aspects of 57 Pages that might benefit others. I was stirring to me when certain reviewers noted the e-book is "a wake-up call" of our modern times.  It makes a difference hearing from others and you, unique perspectives from single, varying individuals. It was also active and recovery year in revising the book on a very slim budget and few resources. I received considerable assistance and good advice from others on the manuscript. As for goals and resolutions, these were expressed in previous postings for anytime forward. I am anticipating in producing a follow-up to 57 Pages with better resources and a more comfortable, less restricting budget. The announcement will course be issuing some time advancing in 2016.

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