Sunday, December 20, 2015

Turning Another Page

Unexpected for me is the temporary discontinuation of the sale of the shorter version of 57 Pages on Nook Press. There is a definite reason for this immediate decision because I have found ways to lessen substantially the file storage and maintain the same content as the complete 6th edition of 57 Pages being sold on Amazon/Kindle currently. There would a reduced cost downloading the publication as a result. There would also be an opportunity to add one or two more cartoons I had to keep out to maintain the file storage within limits when 6th edition went on sale on Friday, November 27th this year. The book was also removed from Smash Words and other e-book sellers. If my experimentation works favorably on Nook Press, the adjustment will extend to the Kindle version of 57 Pages. 
What is within range is having a print edition of 57 Pages primarily because individuals like my father would rather turn pages in a handheld book than scroll, whisk about with his fingers on an electronic tablet screen. A device could lose its battery charge, yet a human mind does not necessarily have to drain out. During a metro area black out a book reader can make use of a candle. Or he could rely on his oil lamp to illuminate a source of knowledge in an endarkening world. I am also considering having 57 Pages translated into a few languages. That goal would require a lot of work and time carefully used, and I would be relying on the abilities of expert translators. I look forward to letting you know what would transpire on these endeavors, thank you for visiting.

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