Sunday, December 6, 2015

Updating Is More Than A Possibility

Before the sixth edition of 57 Pages was released on Friday, November 27th there was an announcement that it would be released the same month with a price rise. The longer edition on Amazon is a dollar more and the Nook shorter version is 88 cents jump from the 5th edition still on sale on Smash Words. Some people do not have to spend either eighty-eight pennies or a buck (not a deer or leaping stag) increase. If they still have the third, fourth or fifth edition of 57 Pages purchased from Amazon-Kindle books. On Friday evening, December 4th I tried it again with assistance from an Amazon customer service consultant.

One of their friendly representatives from the online chat fulfilled the update request, she switched out my copy of 57 Pages 5th edition for the 6th edition. It took less than ten minutes for the electronic transaction to be fulfilled through my Kindle app. The transition occurred in two of my devices having the Kindle book app. This year earlier through an Amazon customer representative on the telephone line I had the fourth edition of 57 Pages switched out for the fifth edition. If you received 57 Pages free from Amazon during a campaign or as a gift you can still have that prior version updated to the sixth edition. Two requirements; you need to have the Kindle app and be willing to contact Amazon customer service. Why not give it a try?

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