Sunday, January 31, 2016

Going Low and Reaching High and Far Away

Whoever controlled the destiny of a penny? It is a wonder an avid collector will be shelling out many his green bills for a few, rare brown coins noted for their important dates. How much would I pay for my book, would it be for aus$ 202, 329 yen, $55 or 2.63 in euros? Those are prices for 57 Pages: A Short Collection of Thought-Motivating Cartoons on sale globally respectfully in Australia, Japan, in Mexico and France based on the US price tag of two dollars and ninety-nine cents. To be honest, even if I were living in saturating wealth in inflation troubled economy of Mexico fifty-five dollars based on the current monetary exchange rate would be too steep for me.
Would I expect anyone else to pay that much, more than half a 100 rectangular George Washington image bills? No. One of the major reasons for the NO is because as same like other authors it is one of my desires that my book of social commentary cartoons is appealing to people of all sorts. A different book of humor pictures to include among potential readers those long time-saving hundreds and hundreds of pesos at slowing interest rates and those investing and reinvesting millions of dollars (to gain the billions of dollars they would not be reasonably able to spend in their lifetimes). It may be for the reason my wishing my family and friends be affording that fresh cup of morning brew rather than sacrificing it to purchase my book.
So I sought to see if it, 57 Pages could be made available for free permanently so that individuals and families could download it anytime they wish. It may be a crazy daydream in allowing the book serving as a gift to countless persons remaining unknown to me. This aspiration is not possible and sensible. It cost money to provide the book. And it was above my budget to produce it with the value of other persons' assistance. There isn't a desire to devalue the hard work and preparation that is inputting into 57 Pages and the important messages expressed in it.

Who dreams of selling themselves short of what they considerably invested in time and ongoing, constant activity? For a purpose of having the book available to more people with a lesser effect on their bottom line the price is lowered to one buck (US dollar) and ninety-nine copper pennies. Therefore, this decision is not being seen by me as a step back unprogressively. In the book 57 Pages, there is a notation a person in an economically strained locale would value his primary essentials more than the materially sustained of humans residing in developed countries. Isn't this an individual of potential intellect and ability likewise the one graduating from an ivy league university believing his gold brick road is paved before him, grasping that diploma?
Considering the physically hungry man of lifelong struggle, could he be one of the unique individuals who appreciate reading my book? Because he may find within the pages or sections, a glimmering of hope to feed on than of the emptiness of a morally decaying world of broken promises and fading expectations. It is an encouraging thought future wise to produce low-cost publications on essential themes of humanity and humor. I feel assured after considering the comments of recent positive reviews people might find more worth in 57 Pages than a handful of those easily forgettable bronze coins that may likely to be throwing into the streets.

Although there have been some hardening negative reviews of 57 Pages, there have also been recent positive reviews revealing the individual appreciation of the book. 
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