Thursday, February 18, 2016

Where Are They Now?

Could we have a little fun in this posting? In repeated trials I have attempted to enjoy my work in past times as a caricaturist artist. My harder effort was to earn a regular income. Circumstances did not fare well for me. I would like talk a bit more on that subject later. You may be curious of the pictures here; these are samples of my caricature works between 1990 and 2006. The first portrait is of a former professional tennis player; her nickname is Gigi. The second drawing is of one of the Jacksonville ambassadors who were assisting visitors in the downtown metro area of northern Florida. More individuals might recognize the person in the third drawing, the pop culture music artist Usher. A local business commissioned the final image in Bohemia, New York. Below the pictures additional details about each of these humorous portraits.
The pictures here have the same outcome, these were not including in my book, The Deserting Caricature Artist released this month on Nook Press and Amazon Kindle. It is 101 pages in length on Amazon-Kindle and 72 pages long on Nook. This book is a short memoir and collection of my caricatures, and the unsuccessful avocation was I peddling in New York, Virginia, and Florida. I hope you will learn more about this publication. The price of the book is two dollars and ninety-nine cents,

The portrait above might for many readers be resembling the former 17th rank tennis player Beatriz "Gigi" Fernandez. It is necessary to have the picture exchanging out of the book for the choice of a historical caricature and gag cartoon. There were other reasons for the exclusion after the book was publishing last week. My residence is in a Suffolk, Long Island area with an enlarging Latino population, so it was not an easy decision. I have not seen Ms. Fernandez in competition but am aware she won grand slam titles and Olympic gold medals during the 1990's. Ms. Fernandez was the first Hispanic individual in sporting history to be claiming those milestones. She is currently a tennis instructor and enterprising business woman. There is another celebrity in the book having a similar ethnicity as Ms. Fernandez. There are also people's caricatures of varying human races and uniqueness with age ranges in the book, The Deserting Caricature Artist. 

It was a hard, constant fight to keep the Lydia portrait in the book. Sadly along with Usher and numerous other drawings, there are technical complications almost impossible to overcome. The online manuscript editor kept rejecting the Lydia, Nathan, Celeste, other cartoon portraits in spite of me alternating files. Chapters were removed or were shifting to different sections of the book with repeated uploading and resetting images. I also tried deleting finished manuscripts and rewriting the book from the start. 
There are practical solutions with the assistance of professional service people. 
However, those options are costly and over above my means. Sadly Lydia was forsaken until a larger budget is surfacing in her behalf. Lydia would have been one the few live portraits in the book. That's correct she was a fantastic model who sat for me at the Jacksonville's farmer's market and art walk. She was serving as one of the tourists' assistants and public safety and health officials in the downtown district. Lydia may be one of the administrators currently involved in Jacksonville City's public affairs. The drawing above is a copy; she holds the original pen and ink wash art.

As you noticing below Eric in the picture appears to be too involved with the women folks. It seems like innocent fun in the adventures of corporate flirting and romance. Nonetheless, I want to keep the book within the G-rated borders. The picture below appears to me to being too suggestive, and it was removed before publishing the book. An important decision because there are caricatures of children (now grown adults) in the same book. So I have an excuse not troubling the consciousness of my friends and family and Eric himself. This drawing was not his ideal; his bosses were commissioning me to conceived this comical scene for a company event. 
Eric's supervisors provided his photo for me to base his likeness in the picture. Looking back, I am sure he was embarrassed while others were laughing. It is an on-going education understanding the art of humor should not be unfair and offensive. An unpleasant side effect of caricatures that was eventually impelling me in considering other creative avocations. I did not attend the company's event. Eric and I (and most of his co-workers having their caricatures drawn by me) have not met in person. Where is Eric now? I have no clue but am wishing him and other living subjects of my caricatures the best of life.

Please accept my sincere gratitude to you taking the time visiting this blog site here, below is the book cover of The Deserting Caricature Artist. You can catch a preview of the e-book at either Nook Press or Amazon Kindle product pages.

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