Saturday, February 20, 2016

Taking A Ride

Among the discussions with my companions today is how best we could employ a gift all of us obtained at birth; the power of our vocals, our tongue of any language, our speech to any listening ear. For example, in past times, a person born without the ability to speak, to be seeing and hearing might be phrased as 'dumb'. That reference was sounding so unreasonable to me even at youth when you can notice that so-called 'stupid' person can bathe, dress and perform simple tasks with little or no assistance. 
He also is learning to communicate with sign language and read volumes of books with braille type. No surprise he published his 11th book, his personal copy having braille words and 3D formed shape images representing the artist's detailed illustrations. Please note it requires sophisticated mental activity with a precision coordination of rapid firing, communicating brain cells for the man to walk his sight-seeing dog. The individual following its guidance with his sensory cane. Also, this same fellow can receive, display and return in action vital traits of humanity including genuine love, compassion, and empathy. 
Therefore; it seems unjust in quickly terming this intelligent being as dumb because he does not have the usual senses so many might easily take for granted. Do you agree? That definition is un-factual, then how understandable it is not the right choice in expression vocally and writing. My friends and I are also talking about the way we deliver our communication, giving a quality of time and thought before sending it. There is much to keep learning for improvement in this regard.  
A primary example is that many persons are not planning to drive recklessly to arrive at an important destination. If a person is considering how to encourage or aid another with his or her words, then the receiver might gratefully embrace as a gift arriving at the right time. Who has not slipped as on ice or erred in thoughtless speaking and writing, later to regret what said? I am endeavoring to upgrade in this area as an author and human being.

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