Sunday, February 7, 2016

Maybe Hard To Find, Yet It Could Be Unending

They were in love, ready to get married and eager to make "a fresh start." But were the two thirty-year-olds in real love? The answer became apparent to millions of news readers after the male partner was reportedly using his female girlfriend as a body shield against police bullets! Law authorities on the search for the law-breaking couple finally caught up with them and cornered the paired suspects to an enclosed section leading to a fierce gunfight.
Towards the ending of this current Bonnie and Clyde episode, the cowardly boyfriend was the one slain, and the girlfriend was arrested with a leg wound. If they let her out with an assembly of armed guards to attend his funeral. Would she have wanted to go after her former love placed her life at risk during an intense confrontation with police? Why had this couple gain such infamous attention when so many others worldwide in modern times used their bonded relationships to commit serious crimes including con artist scams, robbery, murder, abductions, sex and drug trafficking?

Considering the sad global conditions nowadays, is it an easy assumption to say billions are missing the mark or misunderstanding what genuine love is and what purposes it serve?

However, one pairing by pairing of non-criminal couples could toll upon society. Divorcing spouses might be weighing on the judicial systems at taxpayers' expense. Besides that the children of separating couples are affected and challenged to grow up as capable, well-adjusting adults. Not all have such a positive outcome, the emotional damage of a divorce causing them problems which are due to extend into their communities. Each account of separateness in marriage differ, we do not have all the facts what's happening. However, the finest exercise of love reduce in number those unhappy endings? There a lot of grim tales of lost love and its consequences. In my understanding, true love does not have to be cursed, lost or forsaken. More so this real love is an adjusting medication we need to cope with troubled periods and distressing circumstances, It is an outstanding quality by persons' choices to utilize in action, it is a closeness that could remain with us in the worse and best of times year round before and beyond February 14th.

Isn't that the bright red, heart shaped flashing social signal through commercialism alerting peoples to display their affections for one another, Valentine's Day? As a child, I was wondering why do people need such a reminder for an essential life quality along with birthdays and holidays. Should love not be second nature to humans? The finest reminders cover more than the repeated admonition to tell her or him, "I love you." Those bullet points include fundamental principals and our quality of love towards others might be affected by how we value right and wrong.
For example, if we dislike the open applications of honesty, justice, responsibility or hard work when necessary. It is little in question then our poor attitudes will be rubbing off on those who are supposed to be close to us in displaying a lack of true love. Isn't that a fact? Consider the first paragraph in an extreme case, the selfish cravings of a couple in lawlessness leading to death and physical harm to one another. Could it be they have thought of themselves more than one another, teaming up in crime to fulfill their individual desires? Naturally, again that isn't love based on vital, life-saving principals. True love would have encouraged one or both persons to avoid making awful conscious decisions pointing to adverse consequences or the grave site. Although there are negative circumstances such as lack of income or illness, real love can prompt individuals to take positive actions, true love requires authentic effort daily, monthly and yearly at no end.
Any whom might read my book, 57 Pages: A Short Collection of Thought-Motivating Cartoons may cite examples of this active quality of love and devotion. How about the cartoon of the father who wants to teach and train his son to safeguard himself from child predators? Or the specialist who is willing to forsake an enormous profit to be truthful to a lady client, his future wife.
There are humorous circumstances of un-genuine 'love' as a woman conducts an online search for a new guy while in the presence of her current mate. 57 Pages do not contain full accounts and novelist tales. But it may be a welcome departure from the usual romantic melodramas and stories of reckless passions. Is this the kind of fictional humor realism of modern times you may want to keep turning the pages? No problem much if the pages of true love keep turning into new chapters of life for an eternity.

Many may view true love is all-weather testing in the trials of living, and it should never melt away from our sight.

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