Friday, March 11, 2016

Wayne To Book In

Of  my most recent book, The Deserting Caricature Artist there have been noteworthy positive developments to benefit book readers in every corner. In telling of this, we can begin to consider how disappointments were overcoming with diligent hard work and perseverance toward high standards of e-book publishing. One of those troubling letdowns was the lacking resources and services to include in the book black and white line caricatures I sought to include in The Deserting Caricatures. Technical problems in the book's layout contributed to those woes. For example, in a previous posting here an ink wash cartoon portrait of a Jacksonville city tourism ambassador, Lydia (she may be Lydia Jones) well-favored by me was unpublishable after numerous attempts. Guess what? She is now in the book along with several additional drawings.
Like Lydia, he was once a challenging picture to include in the book. Today the unknown, bearded mid-1990's motorcyclist of northern Virginia, Wayne Kochler is in The Deserting Caricature Artist. In fact, at this moment, people globally can be viewing Wayne in the previews of the book's product pages. The short e-book is currently being distributed widely every possible format for electronic tablets and phones including mobi, Kobi, pdf, and Kindle. The Deserting Caricature Artist is available for purchase from scores of vendors including Sony and iBooks.

Having the additional drawings indeed increasing the universal scope of the book's memoir of a struggling freelancing cartoonist. During the recent revising and formatting I was also able to add more written content. There is an increase page count, yet nonetheless, the overall file size is minimum, less than 10 mg as an epub, so there is not a major downloading cost. This accomplishment is leading to a goal of mine of keeping the book at low cost to purchase. Also, readers have another option in a digital book geared toward the general public missing the active adult content of sexuality, language, and violence. 
It is my wish The Deserting Caricature Artist may be a breath of fresh air, a mobile literature experience adding to someone's summertime reading collection. The formatting and design of the book were expertly handled by a reputable Canadian company, E-book Launch. There was much preparation to be completed by me beforehand, the work totaling, requiring us, at least, three weeks. The job is not finishing; there is anticipation The Deserting Caricature may be in a print version one day future-wise, purchase on demand. My gladness to sharing this update, thank you for visiting and my invitation you take a look at one the book's online product pages seeing how Wayne did splendidly booked in.

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