Thursday, April 21, 2016

Another One

There is an additional preview for readers to evaluate the content of The Deserting Caricature Artist. The new show includes a chapter but minus one of the two images in it. Readers might find this one safer because there is not a risk of downloading questionable or hazardous material. 
However, The Deserting Caricature Artist was prepared for the general public sector of readers, no so-called "adult' content or morally offensive elements. The file for the downloadable preview has been virus scanned for internet risks. 
Here is THE LINK for this book showcase on CreateSpace which available for both CS members and the general public. If that does not work, you may try this:

Usher, Toyaa Weatherbee, a few other drawings, and photos were added to the print edition and updated digital version of The Deserting Caricature Artist. The reason why the page counts increased.

Toyaa was a regular columnist for The Florida-Times Union in Jacksonville, circa 2004.

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