Friday, April 8, 2016

Going From Heartless To Heartful

It should have been my investigation then about those familiar symbols indicating love and affection. So many of us are familiar with them being often observed in media and animated in cartoon movies and television shows, especially in mid-winter season advertisements of the February 14th holiday. How many individuals daily draw those symbols on greeting cards, notes, and love letters directing these messages to people they think of genuinely? Again it could had been my thought of researching the history of those well-known images representing the emotionally powerful effect of a human organ, this before finalizing a book cover for The Deserting Caricature Artist.

Late last month I finally did the fact-finding to be impelled enough to change the book cover as soon as possible. To my understanding, the heart shaped images has nothing to do with genuine love unless people believe that having passionate relations is the ultimate pitch of real affection and togetherness. These symbols might be basing on a favorite plant (Silphium of the Ivy family) ancient Romans overused for birth control. Please consider those past-time AD citizens may not have been too concerned about family planning. Glorified fornication without pregnancy complications was often the sole objective. The past gone plant shape resembles the so-called heart symbol which cultivation of it was a booming business. Until the Romans made it extinct by their unrestrained practices and exploitation.

The heart shape image may also to use to offend moral values; because the form illustrating a rear body part upside down that pardon me, I won't detail here. The symbol has a considerable associating with the history and current sphere of religion. The Camargue Cross is composed of three symbols, an anchor, cross, and heart. These images combined highlighting the traits of hope (assurance as an anchor securing in the seabed), 'faith' (the belief Jesus died for people's sins on a cross instead of a torture stake) and that heart (giving to the poor and helpless in charity). 

May I spare you the data of pagan worship's connection to the world of Christendom, using the heart symbol. It is easy to locate the proof if you are curious. What is relative here is that heart symbols do not accurately communicate content in the book The Deserting Caricature Artist. There are two book covers designed; one is for many of the digital copies distributing through Smashwords. The orange cover with Wayne Kochler may be using for the print copy which is still in production. It is the Amazon-Kindle digital cover. This posting is not an endorsement to discourage people from using heart shapes in their communications if they wish. It is another item of choice that may be recognized to be tainted and offensive by other individuals. Like the traditional phallic cross, it may not harm a person to learn about its' history; actual symbolic meanings in determining if using the image represents an individual's finest values and best interests. Please consider that such false imagery is not a necessity to emit vocally and hear, to demonstrate and give and to receive and benefit from the awesome potency of true-to-heart love and affection. 

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