Monday, April 4, 2016

Not Exactly What They Say

Currently, my book The Deserting Caricature Artist is being offered at no cost; you can have a free download of the digital copy. Apologies granted that statement is not true. Please do not be confused because illegal websites are making the claim as noted below:

Free Ebook Download The Deserting Caricature Artist: An Assemblage of Cartoon Portraits - EBOOK, PDF, EPUB

Or it is something like this:

The Deserting Caricature Artist: An Assemblage of Cartoon Portraits PDF, ePub eBook

The Deserting Caricature Artist: An Assemblage of Cartoon Portraits.pdf

File Name: The Deserting Caricature Artist: An Assemblage of Cartoon Portraits.pdf
Size: 7,410 KB
Uploaded: 21 March 2016, 9:50 PM

Status: AVAILABLE Last checked: 35 Minutes ago!

Please consider some likely facts. One is these operators have not been authorized to distribute digital copies of The Deserting Caricature Artist. Because as one actual reason they do not have e-books and other files to provide to interested parties responding to their offer. It is a set up not only to harm me as an author yet to get after you. The operators want to obtain information from you including your e-mail addresses and financial information. It is another internet scam generally, please ignore them and do not jump into the deal. What about the individuals commenting about the easy downloads" of my book as of examples below:

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  • Jenny Martins
    Finally I get this ebook, thanks for all these The Deserting Caricature Artist: An Assemblage of Cartoon Portraits I can get now!
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  • Lisa Doran
    cooool I am so happy xD
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  • Markus Jensen
    I did not think that this would work, my best friend showed me this website, and it does! I get my most wanted eBook
    Reply ·  · Like · Follow · 1 hour ago

The commentators on these illegal sites designed to lure potential victims to comply personal data for something they might not get. The con-artist gets what they been scheming for to continue their black markets of trade. It is overall a likely falsehood. The Facebook like comments a part of the dressed-up carrot on the string. Please do not bite for it because these internet vegetables have already been rotten by their deceptive farmers. Truthful and sorry to say 'Michael, Lisa' and “Jenny' are a collective fabrication. Sadly, we live in a world where there is rampant dishonesty and greed holding hands like endless lovers. These online systems borrow copyright data, actual photos and content from elsewhere using them on their phony web addresses. 
Please know authors as myself are often not involved in such crookedness and usually have to put in the hours and costs to pull away our books contents from  these operators. My thought of how helpful it might be for authors and publishing houses to speak up against fraud involving their products. I was kindly warned, "shut down one, a dozen more takes its place." The expression is another fact of our modern times. It is less trouble ridding of returning cockroaches and unwanted rodents than of online crooks and bandits. A consumer's caution and discernment would be protective coatings for a system of humanity weathered by badness. I understand this sort of posting might not aid in sales of my books. What said have to be said, silence and ignorance could be undressed wounds letting in more infections. My wish to see such sickness eliminated, nowaday lessening as much possible, thank you for visiting. 

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