Thursday, April 28, 2016

Vijay Dixit Attentive to 2007 to Focus Saving Lives Today

The father is recounting a painful memory of a precious being lost. His 19-year old daughter Shreya blossoming into adulthood, in her second year studying at a university had her life cut short as a front passenger. The young woman's friend was operating the car taken a secondary moment to pick up a condiment, took her eyes off the road and send the auto into a hard fatal impact. It takes only a second of inattention handing the steering wheel and pressing the acceleration pedal to cause a mishap many of us may regret for a lifetime. The driver survived to admit how she lost her friend. 
The grieving parent Vijay Dixit realizes this can be anyone's unfortunate fault that is preventable. Simply estimate the annual number of distracted driving accidents per year in the US since 2007 to consider the statistics are simply too high. Two-thousand and seven, that was the year Vijay, his wife, and their other daughter last seen Shreya alive. In 2014 according to government records, more than 3100 persons in the United States were killed in distracted driving incidents, much more injured. With his recent book, One Split Second (co-authored with Antonia Felix), Mr. Dixit serves to enlighten his offspring's memory with a life-sparing lesson deserving repetition and practice by all auto operators.

Eden Prairie dad's book honors daughter he lost to distracted driving

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