Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Ease on Down the Road, Ease on Down the Page

In section seven of 57 Pages: A Short Book of Thought-Motivating Cartoons we see in the photo an example of the Bookery typeface designed for ease of reading on electronic devices. I will explain a little more about it later. Possibly in this picture also you may truthfully conclude that the writing in 57 Pages isn't as "garbled and unintelligible" as one, book critic might have fallaciously claimed in her review. 
The online book club reviewer may fall into what Forbes Business article writer, Suw Charman-Anderson was terming as a carpet-bomber. She explained in 2012, "carpet-bombers do not leave negative reviews in order to help readers avoid a bad book, they do it to undermine the reader's confidence in positive reviews, damage the book's ranking in Amazon and thus that author's sales." How unfortunate, who could suffer the most; book buyers, the writer or those book critics? 

What if the public discovers that the reviewer was falsifying statements? Or if he or she was discordantly exaggerating claims in an evaluation of a book. Then, as a result, the negative review might eventually fall greater upon their credibility as literary professionals than against the targeted author. 
It may be understandable not all among the populous of literature criticism are as blissfully white and fair as a page turning in a legal publication. Nonetheless, such an unfairness is having a very damaging effect. Bad, especially insulting reviews can hurt not only the author's reputation and ability to earn an income. The impact may extend to writer's associations outside publishing. 
It could as worse as if the author issued a thoughtless Twitter or Facebook posting wreaking destruction on his job prospects and relationships. Except the tweet or posting is coming from someone else-a thoughtless and unprofessional book critic. If the writer did not intend harm towards the literary evaluators, their employers, readers and book patrons; is this circumstance justified in the interest of free speech? Pardon me that I am unable to say yes to the question. 
Considering my experience, Amazon and some other book reviews outlets do not completely remove unfair and untruthful criticism of authors' publications. Even after the writers and other individuals complained of the troubling and unethical content of book reviews.
In the Deserting Caricature Artist, there is a caricature drawing of an older man, an experienced Southern US chef who demonstrates the ease of cooking. It is advisable to enhance one's reading ability wherefore it can be enjoyable as exceptional food preparation and mentally improving to our thinking faculties as eatable nutrition is to one's body. In this regard purchasing a book online should not be more complicated than borrowing a publication from a public library.

Please take note of the image screenshot above of The Deserting Caricature Artist: An Assemblage of Cartoon Portraits book product page of Barnes and Noble. The truth to be known the retail price of the print edition is nineteen dollars. If you take a closer peek towards the right side of the page, you can purchase the book with free shipping and possibly obtain it at a lower price. 
If you have an account with Barnes and Noble, you can add the book to your wish list. It is possible when the book is on sale or is made available through a special offer you may be contacted by Barnes and Noble if it is checked on your W-list. You have the choice to maintain your wishlist as private or public to inform your fellow book buddies at Barnes and Noble social hang-outs.

You may also be alerted when a used copy of DCA (The Deserting Caricature Artist) in good condition is presenting at a bargain deal. Guess what? There is one right now priced at 16 dollars and eighty-eight cents. Also, if you purchase a print copy of The Deserting Caricature Artist.  You may also return it in its mailing package in favorable condition. I am unsure what sort of refund you might get on it. Please feel free to inquire those details from the B&N folks at their customer service center. Okay, what else is there to know? Right now you have an open door to be one of the first book reviewers of The Deserting Caricature Artist, which may be your perfect excuse for returning the collection of caricatures memoir back to Barnes and Noble. I would hope not, but the option is yours as a literature patron.

As a book buyer, you also have the choice to visiting the Amazon product page of The Deserting Caricature Artist. Please look closely at the center top and right side of the page where you see the same $19.00 retail price as on Barnes and Noble. You may have a few advantages saving money. With the click of one or more links, you may find some Amazon approved vendors who are offering the print version of DCA used or new as little as fifteen dollars. Regarding them, you might not get the free shipping usually offered to Amazon Prime members. There are additional notations, the Kindle Matchbook Price, and Enhanced Typesetting.

In 2015, Kindle introduced a beautiful new typesetting specially designed for reading electronic publications and being use in their devices such as the Kindle Fire e-tablet. It is called Bookery, it is part of the text feature in the Kindle app, the lettering was designed by an independent UK font foundry group Dalton Maag. Please take a look at the photo of my Samsung Nook tablet feature section two of my first book, 57 Pages: A Short Collection of Thought-Motivating Cartoons. The typeset you see is Bookery. 

I find the lettering delightful and helpful in my reading, pleasant on the eyes depending how you adjust the brightness of the screen. You can switch out of Bookery to another type like Grammond, which is part of the incentive of having Enhanced Typesetting of the Kindle app which is including with the Amazon digital copy of DCA.It is my encouragement towards other reading apps producers and tablet manufacturers to design typefaces helpful to book buyers. Unfortunately, a few weeks ago someone permanently borrowed my 7-inch screen tablet. For the time being you have to find a willing Kindle e-reader to demonstrate a tangible example of Bookery, or you simply download the Kindle app which of course is uninstallable. 

The Deserting Caricature Artist has been enrolled into Kindle's Matchbook program. If you chose to purchase the print edition of DCA from Amazon, you could get the digital copy at a reduced price. My apologies this arrangement is not for 57 Pages, it does not have a print version yet, which is only e-publication. You still have a chance at B and N, iBooks and Smashwords; the opportunity to be the first reviewer of DCA on Amazon slipped by, but you can still evaluate it at your leisure. You might agree or disagree with the first two literature analysts. I unsure of the details, both Barnes and Noble and Amazon have borrowing and lending arrangements, thank you for visiting.

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