Friday, June 17, 2016

Leaving the Big City

It is so easy to be attracted to visiting one of the major cities in the world or all of them. That is if you have the time and travel expenses: Paris, London, Seoul, Toyko, Moscow, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Rome, Houston. And the list continues around the globe. Visitation or vacationing could have confines with budget or scheduling, so what a bonus it is to be living in one of those famous locations!
You have access to scores of attractions and resources minor areas are having limitations or nothing at all. For example, on Long Island, Suffolk County the buses could run an hour apart in contrast to Manhattan, New York the wait can be in fifteen minutes intervals. Since people have better efficient use of time in a major metro area, there are many advantages in employment or operating a business. Isn't there a greater productivity margin and profit growth in the major cities than in small towns?
For independent authors, Amazon is the largest city online to place their books. The site gets more than 175 million visitors per month, earning over 1.7 billion in revenue in 2015. There are strong incentives for aspirating writers and illustrators. It is so simple to put your publication on the market, for me, it was less than a day for each book. Writers also have a wealth of opportunities to achieve a huge profit, with Amazon they have a marketplace circling the sphere of humanity, able to handle multiple currencies. Self-publishers can earn up to 70% of the sales on their books. Also, authors have favorable options in pricing their books and changing its manuscripts. My book, 57 Pages: A Short Collection of Thought Motivating Cartoons have numerous updates which were applying on Amazon with ease. Noteworthy, my other book, The Deserting Caricature Artist was on sale there in both print and digital formats.

As said before leading cities have countable advantages, they also have their on-going disadvantages, their major problems uneasy to resolve. These metro areas become too large to benefit every one of their citizens. Here is a well-known checklist of repeated woes; as of lacking affordable housing, environmental ills, urbanization, homelessness, social and political instability, unemployment. Not unfamiliar in the metro locations are batches of impoverished ghettos often sectioned off but are few feet away from wealthier upscale neighborhoods. People in the past and present made a choice; if you are unable to survive in the big city, you may live a simpler life in a small town where you have your essentials without the accessible boons and frills. As a major online literary city, Amazon has its share of drawbacks and consequences some independent authors unable to live with and left for their specific reasons. 
A steep challenge for me is the ranking system (bestselling lists) heating up a tug of war among the writers fighting to get their books to the top levels to profit better. The achieving stature of a publication becomes more important than its content and quality to book patrons. For example, 50 Shades of Grey have high statistics, a majority of positive reviews, it is still selling big time on Amazon. Despite some book reviewers citing it as poorly written. The basic story revolves around two persons repeatedly fornicating together and probably little else in content. There is a red-hot category on Amazon; erotic literature, it seems people cannot get enough of it. What has been considered trashy, dehumanizing literature decades ago nowaday is shining like gold in this global online superstore and other places. Zombie novels (walking dead people) are also fashionable reads with a strong following.

How high gearing is the rivalry on this metropolis size site? It is so much that vast populace of independent businesses exists focusing on aiding Amazon authors, and product sellers increase their revenue. With that kind of heavy duty involvement in the internet world, dishonesty and unfairness are due to result. It might be an unkind environment for an author to cope in merchandising their work. For a writer get on the top tiers (top ten lists) of best-selling lists, his or hers book might have to sell thousands (average 4k) of copies per day. Game over if an unknown author is selling a few editions of his work per month. Can it be avoided? Only if you do not sell a single edition. Once the first copy is sold, your book is immediately entered in Amazon's bestseller tournament. There is a lot of unwanting competition on Amazon I do not wish to be a part of, thus leading to a conclusion. It does not feel better when your publications are not selling too well for a long while. What is a responsive, reasonable action if a writer is unable to survive in the marketplace of Amazon?

Although there are endless fields for harvesting income, these crops are not entirely accessible or plentiful for every person or author wanting to farm the Amazon land. There will be losers regardless of the quality of their work, or how effectively they market it, sadly that is how the system is operating, whereas putting forth your finest effort with investment and hard work isn't enough. In spite of the likelihood of minimum book sales at other online book-purchasing venues, these outlets are without the problem some best-selling listings and star rating system maintaining by Amazon. What a relief! Book buyers would be considering possibly more favorable factors in their purchasing decisions. After reading this blog post, you may find it less mysterious my books have been taking off sale on Amazon. They won't miss me.

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