Monday, June 13, 2016

Orlando Slaughter: Deep Regret for the Loss of Life

News of one of worse slaughters on US land is reaching the four corners of the earth. To note a lone gunman entered a nightclub, murdered possibly over 50 persons and inflicted gun wounds on at least fifty-three individuals. The criminal shooter was stained by responding law enforcement at that night spot in Orlando, Florida. The destination is a favorite hang-out for homosexual persons. Many are claiming by gunfire this is the worse massacre in United States history, how so correct that is appearing! 
Although I do not endorse same-sex marriage and lifestyles, this incident is deeply disturbing to me. People who have the potential to excel in goodness and live beneficially were brutally stained in another senseless act of aggression. My wish to express my sorrow to the families and friends of those killed. Could it be worse than other graves matters of humanity's existence?
According to the December 15th, 2014 Washington Post some 600 gay, lesbian and transsexual persons are stained within a 15 month period. There are other reports of this classification of these individuals of troubling statistics of homicide, and other hate crimes and lawless acts of discrimination against them. On a daily basis including violence not reported nationwide, there are more gun deaths in this nation than what has happened in Orlando last weekend. According to another news source, the United States accounts for 82% of firearm fatalities including suicides and accidental incidents (among 22 other countries statistically). 
The slaughter is great in other areas disregarding life. Seven days a week people are losing their lives due to obesity and other preventable abuses to the human body. Millions might cite faulted regulations of gun sales in the United States, but there are other grave malfunctions exposing man's inability to govern themselves. My book 57 Pages: A Short Collection of Thought-Motivating Cartoons address those other concerns through social commentary cartoons and references. Would a solution to humanity be greater emphasis on the civil rights of gay and transgender persons? One of the best responses to such violent events is considering and applying the finest ways to regard any human life without discrimination. Would these include how people manage their lives and the activities they choosing to engage? 

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