Friday, June 24, 2016

Unwanting But Not Completely Unpreventive

Innocent until proven guilty is a regard issued in the US justice system. Before and after many court cases of sex offenders it is the innocence of youngsters often torn away. The unwanting violations pressured upon them can disrupt their childhood and negatively affect their adulthood. It could be a life sentence of personal pain and sorrow.
A posting taped on a bus stop window near Brentwood Long Island Railroad Station.
Although not a causality I knew of this dreadful crime since my youth and felt sorry for peers of my generation. Have you too wished this harm was not inflicting to them? Decades later my book presented an opportunity for me to express an acknowledgement towards today's tender age generation. Three cartoons in 57 Pages: A Short Collection of Thought Motivating Cartoons directly, indirectly address the deviant exploitation of minors. The first edition of the book publishing in October 2014. 
One drawing features grown-ups discussing the impact of cleric youth abuses and the failure of the religious institution to rendering justice for the victims. The other two include children in the pictures, yet the communication is of a potent nature indicating social concern and the necessity of crime prevention. Also, the two cartoons are conveying parental involvement. All three pictures were proceeding by my commentary and references. 
One major note of concern is instructing young ones how to protect themselves from potential adult size predators. Since such degenerates nowadays are working ever harder and more desperately to reel in their prey that incentive of safety should not be underestimating. When we hear of another young victim taken advantage of or murdered. Then the wish these notorious acts be eliminating off the face of the earth deepens. In the meanwhile, the window for honest discussion may be opening, and preventive activities might be engaging.

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