Sunday, September 4, 2016

Sunday Notation

Written in 1994, I am publishing this month a short story in the form of a personal letter to a friend. Years after their senior high school a young woman starts her correspondence to Regina, an intimate companion.
In her letter, a dark skinned female reveals a bonding relationship with her white complexion former science teacher which unfolds as part of the short tale. The book is entitling, 'Regina, What Is The Color of It?' It will be on sale on Amazon and Smashwords on September 9. 2016.
My remembering some filmmakers who produced feature-length movies based on their original short films. In a literary manner, I did the same with Regina, What Is The Color of It.
From a 2400 word short story, it was re-expressing into a novella of over 46 thousand words with the same title and additional characters. It also continues in the same narrative of Mispha corresponding to Regina. However, the writing is in her head rather than on stationary paper. Mispha says a lot that would be challenging to scribe down with pen and ink.
She recites events her close associates related to her, whereas she was not present, including her parents' first meeting in Jamaica. And there's a bitter school board meeting where Mispha's teacher, Samantha faces off with her scholarly opponents. Numerous situations have the past and future implications on Mispha's life, often with emotional linkage to Regina.
The senior year of the two childhood friends is sharing in both books, Regina and Mispha fostered a partnership to excel academically. In the novella, the companions are compelled to aid each other to cope with social indifference and tragedy in the latter 1980s. Please be aware the word count of the short book is around 5560 words.
One of the reasons for publishing the short story before the novella is allowing readers to compare how an author reinterpreted his work. Also, individuals will have the option by November 2016 to purchase either edition, longer or shorter. People have an opportunity to pre-order the short at Amazon and Smashwords before its release on those sites on September 9th.

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