Friday, November 11, 2016

Busy Start Busily Continuing After

Please pardon me for not keeping current with this blog site. It will likely be one or two postings a month.  There are greater obligations and added responsibilities absorbing my time. There are also unfinished projects. Since September, I published four small publications. You may already know about my short story, Regina, What Is The Color of It? It was releasing as a dual language edition, the same little tale in English and Spanish tongue versions in one book. 

Riverhead, New York

I experimented with the project to produce a Spanish-English and French-English editions of Regina, with book covers having type in French and Spanish. There is also a 52-pages print volume, a separate publication containing the English, Spanish, and French of Regina, What Is The Color of It? 
If any of this sounds confusing, please visit the books' product websites on Amazon, CreateSpace, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords under my name. Those sites should help clarify the variations of those publications. The books may be helpful to individuals seeking to achieve or are teaching fluency in Spanish, English or French, thank you for visiting.

The names of the recent publications:
  1. Regina, What Is The Color of It; a short story written in English first, and then Spanish speech.
  2. Regina, ¿Cuál es el Color de Esto?; a short story written first in Spanish after so in English tongue, American style.
  3. Regina, quelle est sa Couleur; a short story told first in the French language, after that it is expressing in English.
  4. Regina, What Is The Color of It?: A Story in Three Tongues is the 52-page print edition featuring the short story in the trio of languages stating above.

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