Thursday, December 29, 2016

In That Objective

If you are able to see the photo of an old English quote inscribed in gold lettering on stained framed wood panel below the paragraphs, the location of it is inside the New York Public Library at Bryant Park. If you are able to read the quote, it is commendable. How easier than others you could comprehend the senescence English writing of the King James translation of the Bible. 
     If you are able to understand the quote, that is better. For it is objective towards releasing my first novel, Waiting for Regina. It is one of the best reasons for delaying the release of publication; strive for individual excellence, and high standards from the front cover into each page until you'll reach the back cover. 
     I feel this is important also due to the very sensitive themes of Waiting for Regina. The novel is weighing in on the issues of suicide, family discord, teenage angst, racial bias, infidelity, sacrosanct and civic corruption. Although it narrates as a first person account by the youth Mispha, the storyline apparently affects more than one person, gender, generation, and group. 
    The setting of the novel goes back thirty years ago in the latter 1980's. Since many of these social ills are unresolved today, Waiting for Regina, the book merits discerning readership. Please ponder this consideration when you examine the upcoming previews and read the reviews of the publication next month. We again note the gold lettered signage. Reading a book may become a memorable experience like living an episode of real life.
    Could I assist you in reading John Milton's quote if you find it a challenge to read it in aging English? He states from his speech entitled, Areopagitica, "A good book is the precious life-blood of a master spirit, embalmed and treasured up on purpose to a life beyond life." In 1664, Mr.Milton, the author of Paradise Lost uttered that statement to the Parliament of England in opposition to licensing and censorship. What Milton was likely combating were the religious influences and complications due to the on-going conflict between Catholics and Protestants mingled with government regulation limiting the freedom of expression. 

    Considering there is a lot of gay exotic and violence in literature today, censorship isn't a major issue, rather the opposite, it might be severely lacking in maintaining high standards of morality. A problem new authors are encountering against their freedom of expression is the wrongful use of their creations. Greedy marketers post websites offering books for free without the writers' permission for them to obtain credit card information from online consumers. 
    It is tough for authors to get their publications removed from these many phishing sites, and they probably feel horrible in awareness their books are employing to sucker people. However, their books are probably not on those illegal sites, the vendors pretend to have copies to give away. My request, please do not give out your credit card or debit card information to get a 'free' book under a subscription contract. It costs legal booksellers like Kobo tremendous amount of funds to maintain sites of thousands or millions of publications. 
    The con-artist booksellers access their income by dissimulating to proffer a vast catalog of books appealing to unsuspecting readers. The primary source of profits is their free usage of bank cards interested parties might willing provide in exchange for a zero-cost download of digital literature. Please do not support their badness. If you want free books to read consider using your public library card. 
     You can borrow e-books, get downloads from official library sites. If they are receiving new releases, you may be able to acquire the physical copies of bestsellers and recent publications. If your library purchase copies of my book, Waiting for Regina, you may be able to read it at no cost. There is a lesser charge for new books provided for educational institutions and public libraries. Also, Barnes and Noble, Amazon and other online retailers may have book-lending arrangements. Please visit their sites to learn more. My latest book, Waiting for Regina may be on sale within fifteen days from this date, December 29th.  

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