Thursday, January 12, 2017

Would You Be Reaching The Same Conclusion?

Have you been waiting to hear what others would say about the new novel they read? The first book reviews of Waiting for Regina are arriving in near time on Goodreads. Below is one recent example from Elizabeth White, would you find her assessment agreeable? 
The question may be a challenge to answer if you have not read the book. When someone as Ms.White shares an honest explanation of value, it can aid people to make a purchasing decision that beforehand might have seemed risky or uncertain. 
Barnes and Noble for the next few days until January 16th lessen the gamble for consumers. With any purchase from either their store or online, you get 15% off the retail price. There are other books and items of your choice, it is, however, an opportunity to get Waiting for Regina at a lower price. That would be a bargain if you came to a conclusion after reading it, that Ms. White is right about what she said of my first novel. The coupon code for the 15% off until January 16, 2017, is BNJAN17

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