Thursday, May 25, 2017

Judy Reads Regina Again! Spanish

It may be proud moment reaching out to an emerging language population in the United States. The Spanish recording of my short story, Regina, ¿Cuál es el Color de Esto? has been released globally on Amazon, iTunes, and Audibles. If you are unfamiliar with the Latin language. Can you still interpret what it means, the title of the 46 minute album, Regina, ¿Cuál es el Color de Esto? In English language, it is known as Regina, What Is The Color of It? Many persons may know it is the short story that inspired the novel Waiting for Regina.

Please visit Audibles, Amazon or elsewhere and listen to a free sample. Please note the recording is in dual language, Spanish and English of the same story. The artist behind the album is an experienced performer having more than a dozen recordings. I feel assured you will be pleased of Judy Rounda's narration in both major tongues. Like the publication the recording is based from, the album is offering an opportunity for individuals to enhance their abilities in communicating in either of both languages. Please share the favorable news. Since the price is not exorbitant, it is reasonable, ¿Cuál es el Color de Esto? may be a worthy purchase or gift, thank you for visiting.

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