Monday, May 29, 2017

The Poetic and Dramatic Love Episodes of Ksana-Kai

My brother, Lewis N. Jackson composed three poetic style publications in a series about a couple beginning from their courtship and into their marriage and family life. The writing is beautifully expressed with the environmental and emotional textures of a relationship experiencing the joys and sorrows of modern life. It is recommending you get your taste of this collection. Mr. Jackson introduces you to each volume and invites you to read into chapters in the books' previews. 
In the free reading samples featuring on Amazon, you may begin to get acquainted with the couple known as Ksana-Kai, Kaji and the love of his life, Ksana. I could say more but do not wish to spoil your discovery of this series and Lewis' talent of poetry. Each of the books is in dual languages, English and French. These are the names of the publications also available at the CreateSpace online store, Ksana: A Love Story Told Through Poems, also Psyllie (Ksana-Kai, Volume II), and Finding Isadora (Ksana-Kai, Volume III).

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